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This is a temporary page to gather all of the old links for systems/netwoking documentation into one place.

It will also act as a catch all for proposals for aspects of the network

What Needs to be done

  • Add pages detailing services on all machines
  • Add a detailed topology map
  • Document the second switch
  • Add pages for firmware management
  • Add a combined reporting tool that aggregates network baseline along with status for over night scripts (like backups) and also pulls in

feeds like this

Software Services

  • Request Tracking
  • Email
  • Wiki
  • ps1auth
  • irc
  • discourse

The respective stacks for each of these services should slowly be documented for those that aren't documented and updated for those that are.

Each of these services also should have some general monitoring setup, that goes to a place anyone with necessary admin privileges can log in and check on the general health of ps1 digital infrastructure.

Pre Proposal

List of pages already extant for systems/networking

Much of these pages need to be updated or categorized or simply deleted.