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How PS:One Works

Pumping Station: One is:

A Do-ocracy

That means whoever's doing something is the person who decides how it gets done. If you want to do something, you can basically Just Fucking Do It.

An organization of individuals doing their own thing

"Pumping Station: One" doesn't do anything besides pay the bills. Any group projects, building/planning new space facilities, etc. all gets done because an ordinary member thought it was important, got people excited about it, and followed through.

Entirely run by volunteers

Our Board of Directors, Area Hosts, people offering training on the equipment, and anyone who looks like they're doing anything remotely official are all volunteers. That means if you ask them nicely for something they'll probably help you, but you should do what you can to make their job easier.

How to Join

You can join by following the steps on the website, which are, in short:

  1. Pay your dues ($70 a month for a full membership or $40 a month for starving hacker)
  2. Read the Member Manual
  3. Learn about the Member Rewards
  4. Show up at a meeting to get your key and sign a liability release
  5. Optional: Get a wiki account (email info at and create your user page
  6. Get involved!

How to get Involved

All of these are optional ways you can get involved at PS:One.