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This page collects other things that were voted on:

Meeting Notes 03-03-2009

  • Elston space selected.
  • Dues may be paid in advance, 6 Months - $280, 1 year - $500. Payments will not be refundable.
  • PS:One will pay credit card transaction fees for membership dues.

December 13, 2010, BOD voted to raise membership rates.

Moving to who cares where was voted Meeting Notes 11-16-2010. The text may be found in the wiki group here: https://groups.google.com/group/pumping-station-one/msg/ed3c7d969e5b16f4

Here is the text: "The membership empowers the board of directors to negotiate for and sign a lease for a new location for Pumping Station: One, NFP, in any location they believe to be the best."

Meeting Notes 01-11-2011 School Factory fiscal sponsorship.

Meeting Notes 07-12-2011 Directive to establish "Friends of Pumping Station One":

This is a directive from the Members of Pumping Station: One to the Board of Directors to make policy changes and related actions, not an amendment to the bylaws.

The Board of Directors is directed to make a good faith attempt to implement the following changes. If, after attempting these changes in good faith, the Board feels that this policy is in need of revising or eliminating, they may do so at any time.

Changes the Board of Directors are directed to enact: 1. Establish a recurring monthly donation level of $13.37 called "Friend of Pumping Station: One" and add it to the Membership Page, with clear wording describing it as a donation only, not a PS:One membership level. 2. Ensure that donors are able to receive tax benefits as a result of making this donation to a 501.c.3. 3. Provide donors with thank you gifts the Board of Directors deem appropriate such as access to our private list, a laser cut logo, stickers, etc.

Meeting Notes 09-13-2011 Proposal to hire a staffer: Staff member proposal

Text of proposal here: The Board of Directors proposes to hire a part-time staff member to help run PS:One operations. The Board can change the hours and length of contract as appropriate to the funds available and work necessary for PS:One.

Meeting Notes 01-03-2012 One time waiver of term limit for Ishmael Rufus to allow him to be nominated to run for treasurer yet another time.

Meeting Notes 12-06-2011 Area host budgets for 2011. Budgets of $500/each for the next year to be discussed in the next meeting.

Meeting Notes 12-13-2011 $500/each area host budgets approved.

Meeting Notes 12-13-2011 Safe Space amendment to the Membership agreement

Meeting Notes 07-10-2012 Tim declared Magistratus Extraordinarious with a budget of $8000 to get the space up and running again after the move.