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PH Meter
Owner/Loaner Ryan Pierce
Serial Number Unknown
Make/Model Hanna Instruments HI 98127
Arrival Date September 3, 2012
Usability yes
Contact Ryan Pierce
Where Brewing Station: One
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $120
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List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Ryan Pierce Owner



This instrument should be calibrated monthly using a 7.01 and 4.01 buffer solution, which is stored in the brewing cabinet with the pH meter. Initial tests should be made of the solutions and the reported values recorded prior to calibration so we can see trends. A pair of shot glasses should be used to hold buffer solution. Not much needs to be added to completely immerse the electrodes. Buffers should be thrown out after use to prevent contamination. Calibration solutions will need to be purchased periodically.

Date User 7.01 Value 4.01 Value
9/3/2012 Ryan Pierce N/A N/A
11/11/2012 Ryan Pierce 6.9 3.9

Electrode Storage

The glass electrode must be stored wet. The electrode cap contains a small sponge. Storage solution must be used to wet the sponge. Storage solution, and an eyedropper to dispense it, are in the brewing cabinet with the pH meter. This should be attended to every week or two. The instrument should be stored in its box, vertical, with the cap down, to keep the storage solution from making a mess. Please log additions of storage solution so we know when it has been done.

Date User
11/11/2012 Ryan Pierce
10/7/2012 Ryan Pierce
9/26/2012 Ryan Pierce
9/9/2012 Ryan Pierce
9/3/2012 Ryan Pierce