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This page is intended to document the History of Pumping Station: One. We are a very active and lively organization focused on the future, but we only got to the present by standing on the shoulder's of giants.

The Birth of PS:1

  • CCCamp 2007
  • Eric Michaud and Gang
  • Mercury Cafe
  • The Birth of The By-Laws
    • Niky
  • Shopping for a Space
    • Bubbleworks
    • Firestation
      • Inspiration for our name, as well as from the Great Chicago Fire
    • Elston
  • Grand Opening at Elston

Founding Board

  • President: Eric Michaud

Legal Council: Niky

  • Treasurer: Ish
  • CTO: Zane
  • please add more

Founding Members

Projects Around the Time

  • Rep Rap Group
  • Space Build Out