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This system has been replaced by RFIDv2. Go to RFIDv2 to get instructions on setting up your RFID key.

This system has been replaced by RFIDv2

The part taken off the doors are in a box in the lounge marked Original RFID. The parts still work, but some pieces are missing, including both RFID readers.

PS:One RFID Entry

The space has an in-testing RFID entry system based on the Beaglebone Black and some custom software that authenticates users via LDAP. The hardware was originally strapped to the back of the front door. The reader used to be a small black square behind the window. This system ties into the members site, allowing unique entry IDs that are verifiable and controllable (they can be turned off when membership ends, for example).

Adding your tag to the system


Log into the members site (https://members.pumpingstationone.org) and click your username in the upper right. Select 'configure RFID.'

To get the tag value, scan your new 125kHz (EM4100 card format), non-valid tag on either the front door reader and visit http://frontdoor.pumpingstationone.org:8080 (You must visit this address while connected to the space's network), or scan at the back door reader and visit http://backdoor.local:8080. Your code will be displayed there, copy from that page into the box on the members site and hit submit. It's important to load the page on the beaglebone before another member scans their tag.

Go check your tag again, the strike plate should unlock. When the door unlocks with this method, the LEDs on the window will light up. Indicator lights need to be added.

The RFID isn't working!

Please submit any odd behavior as an issue on the GitHub page so it can be tracked and dealt with. Also feel free to contribute - we can make a lot of neat features if we want.


It's not off-limits for modifications, but you should make sure you don't break anything when modifying.

RFID Readers

Obtaining a tag

The gumball machine at the top of the stairs to the electronics area dispenses RFID keychain tags for 50 cents (quarters only).

The RFID entry system is under construction

Entry Equipment Auth Project