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|Eric Beauchamp
|Eric Beauchamp
|Alvaro Caceres
|Eric Beauchamp

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Rockwell Delta 20" Bandsaw
Owner/Loaner Pumping Station:One
Serial Number 1457257
Make/Model 28-350
Arrival Date 8/26/15
Usability yes
Contact matt . triano @ gmail . com
Where Woodshop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $1,000
Host Area Woodworking

Rockwell Delta 20" Bandsaw Pumping Station:One Area: Woodworking https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Rockwell_Delta_20%22_Bandsaw

This tool requires authorization for use. Authorizations for the 14" Rockwell do not carry over to this tool.

Authorized Proctors

This tool requires authorization for use by an authorized proctor. Please contact one of the following to arrange authorization.

Proctor Contact
Eric Beauchamp — area host eric @ home-chicago.com
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon

List of currently authorized users

Qualified Member Keon Turner Trained By Ron Olson
Hunter Koerner Eric Beauchamp
Deanna Williams Eric Beauchamp
Burton Kent Eric Beauchamp
Casey Olson Jason Shanfield
Tom Judge Matt Triano
Jeff Smykil (Pending confirmation)
Anna Yu Matt Triano
Jon Levine Jason Shanfield
Kyle Bieneman Eric Beauchamp
Niko Hawley Eric Beauchamp
Kevin Mitchell Eric Beauchamp
Adam Moffatt Jason Shanfield
Peter Letscher Eric Beauchamp 11/05/15
Glenn Trussell Eric Beauchamp 11/05/2015
Aaron Carlock Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Patrick Lynch Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Shine Chen Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Mike Forkan Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Ethan Sanders Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Alex Al-Hamdan Eric Beauchamp 12/04/2015
Alvaro Caceres Eric Beauchamp 12/03/2015