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Introduction & Restrictions

We have been provided FREE Educational SOLIDWORKS Premium for Makerspaces by Dassault Systemes. This software comes with the following restrictions:

  • This is for noncommercial/hobbyist/educational use
  • We cannot share this information on social media or to the public at large

Technical Information

SOLIDWORKS is only available for the Windows operating system. System requirements are here.

Installation Best Practices

Installation Location:

During the installation, SOLIDWORKS will want to install in C:\....SOLIDWORKS


Indicating the year will make the upgrade process significantly smoother.

Custom File & Template Locations

When making custom templates or file locations, keep them in new folder locations and add them to SOLIDWORKS Using Options > System Options > File Locations.

Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate Here
  2. Click No (I already have a serial number question)
  3. SDK-ID = 9MAKER
  4. Choose 2020-2021 version
  5. During the download/installation process you will see the serial numbers on the screen.
    1. Please follow the instructions on the screen & best practices above.

CAM Post Processor Installation Instructions


CAM Post Processor Links:

  • Tormach PCNC 1100
  • ShopBot PRS Alpha 4896
  • Shapeoko
  • X-Carve

XPress Product Installation Instructions