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SawStop table saw
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number P114010835
Make/Model Model PCS31230 3.0HP 220V
Arrival Date 9/1/2012
Usability Yes
Contact Wood Shop Area Host
Where Wood Shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $3,000.00
Host Area Wood Shop

SawStop table saw Area: Wood Shop

Saw stop badge.jpg

Authorization for this tool by authorized proctors only

Authorized Proctors

Matt Triano
Jason Shanfield
Ron Olson
Eric Beauchamp
Andy Larkin
Ken Burkhardt
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake


Repaired and in working order as of 11/9/2015

may 14 2018 brake triggered by lasered wood

june 16 2018 tilt broken

Repaired--9/30/2018, someone reported on googlegroups that Chalkpaper on ply wood caused the brake to engage..

7/1/2018 tilt broken

10-5-18 tilt and Elevator not working Parts ordered.

10/24/2018 everything put back together and the lift and tilt mechanisms work mostly like a charm.still waiting for pinion gear to optimize it, but is again functional..

11-17-2018 repaired. 11/16/2018. Brake tripped by user holding a graphite pen in hand while running saw. Pencil made blade contact with blade

2/12/2019. Ashley ordered and David E replaces brake and blade. 2/11/2019. bladeBrake tripped again new on order

3/3/2019. David earl repaired finniky switch. Repaired / adjusted spring and it’s mounts, re-mounted loose control PCB

4/7/2019. Elevator not working 4/9/2019 Eric repaired. Still a little hard to turn but working.

How to Become an Authorized Proctor

Contact Wood Shop Area Host Eric Beauchamp.

SawStop maintenance log table

Lubricate replace brake/blade finetune bevel and elevation date completed person completing other repair detail
monthly as needed as needed
x x x oct 24 2018 Eric Andrew Zack lots of work
x x oct 20- ? 2018 Eric replace worm gears
x nov 17 2018 David and brothermuffin replace bladestop and aligned fence


  1. Do not move the machine ever.
  2. Never use the table as a work surface.
  3. Always have the dust collection on. Turn it on before you plug in the saw and off after you unplug the saw.
  4. Always check your material on the blade before you spin up the blade. If the light turns red, DO NOT CUT.
  5. Always check your wood for nails or staples. If you're not sure, check the entire piece with the metal detector.
  6. If you break something, or damage the saw, contact the area host immediately. Don't let others do more damage or hurt themselves by using a broken tool.
  7. Always dust the entire machine when you are done. Also check the motor compartment after every use and vacuum out as needed.

Additional Information

Dado Stack

Dado stack use requires separate authorization.

SawStop saws support 8″ dado sets only. The optional dado brake cartridge must be used for dado cuts. It has a larger brake pawl designed to stop the multiple blades in a dado set. In addition, you will also need to use a zero-clearance insert specifically for the dado set.

Sacrificial Fence

The Sacrificial Fence requires the dado stack authorization to have been completed.

A sacrificial fence is used in combination with the dado stack to create rebates (grooves) at the edges of boards. Trying to make a rebate at the edge of a board without a sacrificial fence in place will result in damage to the rip fence.

The sacrificial fence is placed on top of the standard table saw rip fence and secured with the screws on the back side. Ensure that the fence is square to the table while tightening the set screws, and that the fence is flush with the front of the rip fence. Then, slide the fence over top of the dado stack, adjusting the fence for the desired rebate width. Adjust the blade height for the desired depth of rebate.

See: beginning at minute 8 for a demonstration of how the sacrificial fence works.

Blade Brake

This saw is equipped with a safety feature that will (hopefully) stop the blade when it contacts something conductive-- like your hand. However, that means you normally can't cut conductive things with this saw or you will trigger the safety brake. This is good if it was your hand in the way, but it also destroys the sawblade and requires installation of a replacement part that costs $70+ every time. And the saw will be down until the replacement can be installed.

Conductive materials such as aluminum and other metals, carbon fiber materials, mirrored acrylic, carbon-filled materials, etc. will typically cause the brake to activate.

Restricted/Prohibited Materials

Prohibited materials include but are not limited to any conductive material or anything that might damage the machine or create unsafe conditions:

  • metals
  • carbon fiber
  • mirrored acrylic
  • carbon-filled materials
  • other conductive materials
  • wet wood
  • wood with embedded nails or staples

Other things that may trigger the brake include wet wood, and wood with embedded nails or staples. Lexan and green pressure-treated wood reportedly can also be a problem.

  • Check your material on the side of the blade before spinning it up, and to check your wood for nails or staples!
  • Use a metal detector or moisture measurement device if you are uncertain about metal or moisture in your material
  • There should be a small metal detector attached to a retractable dog leash, near the SawStop


  • There's an m8 hole drilled and tapped in the mitre gauge. The post from a magnetic base of our dial indicators thread in. The post may require a spacer so the threads don't stick out (use a stack of washers or a larger-than-m8 nut).
  • The right hand table adjusting screw was bent while aligning the table. The table was aligned without it. Aligning the arbor tilt axis will be *really tough* without a replacement. (Part #11 in the cabinet and table exploded diagram in the manual p98)
  • The rear rip fence rail has places to put 4 countersunk allen bolts. The left hand bolt screwed into the main table was too long and made contact with an internal table part (probably the rear trunion). It probably pushed the table out of alignment and caused binding while re-aligning the table. That bolt was left out. Don't replace it!

Training Links

Use checklist

PS1 is experimenting with the use of checklists to encourage the safe use and proper care of tools in the workspace. The latest version of the checklists for this tool is stored as a Google Doc that can be edited by anyone. If you make changes, update the effective date at the bottom of the document. Print a new copy, and replace the old one.


List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date
Shawn Blaszak Danger Committee
Dan Meyer Shawn Blaszak
Jacob Ginsburg Shawn Blaszak
Eric Stein Steve Finkelman / Danger Committee
Dee Newcum Shawn Blaszak
Ryan Pierce Shawn Blaszak
Tucker Tomlinson Shawn Blaszak
Adrianna McKinley Danger Committee
Anthony Barker Adrianna McKinley
Avner Shanan Adrianna McKinley
Colin Parsons Adrianna McKinley
Dan Denby Adrianna McKinley
Dillon Gray Adrianna McKinley
Douglas Savitsky Adrianna McKinley
Hailey Willis Adrianna McKinley
Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin Adrianna McKinley
Jeremy Kay Adrianna McKinley
Jessica Cobb Adrianna McKinley
Jordan Bunker Adrianna McKinley
Kori Rays Adrianna McKinley
Patrick Callahan Adrianna McKinley
Ryan Brandys Adrianna McKinley
Shawn Blaszak Adrianna McKinley
Steve Farkas Adrianna McKinley
Steve Finkleman Adrianna McKinley
Mike Warot Adrianna McKinley
Eric Stein/Toba Adrianna McKinley
Ryan Pierce Adrianna McKinley
Geoffrey Topham Adrianna McKinley
Tim Saylor Ryan Pierce
Hailey Willis Tim Saylor
James Longfield Tim Saylor
Liam Tuohy Tim Saylor
Jim Tuohy Tim Saylor
Sean Nixon Tim Saylor
Michael Reddy Tim Saylor
Matt Triano Tim Saylor
Derek Bever Tim Saylor
Dan Willmott Tim Saylor
Tyler DeAngelo Tim Saylor
Michael Skilton Adrianna McKinley
Dean Anderson Tim Saylor
Kathy Whisler Tucker Tomlinson
João Santos Geoffrey Topham
David Fell Tucker Tomlinson
Dan Locks Adrianna McKinley
Dave Earley Dan Locks
Boban Nikolic Michael Skilton
Madeleine Klichowski Tim Saylor
Lyn Cole Tim Saylor
Nathan Becka Tim Saylor
Brian Carstensen Tim Saylor
Eric Veggeberg Tim Saylor
George Shaw Tim Saylor
Janet Dornhoff Matt Triano
Hilary Lee Matt Triano
Will Rante Matt Triano
Henry Behel Matt Triano
Alan Livshin Matt Triano
Michelle Garcia Matt Triano
Daylan Dufelmeier Matt Triano
Michael Maloney Matt Triano
Ian Cochran Matt Triano
Abhimanyu Belani Will Rante
Justin Miles Adrianna McKinley
Dmitry Baycharov Matt Triano
Stephen Ulman Matt Triano
Jarred Meyers Matt Triano
Andrew Kos Matt Triano
Bryan Gleason Matt Triano
Jason Sharfield Matt Triano
Dave Schact Matt Triano
Daniel Wells Matt Triano
Sean Corbett Matt Triano
Aaron Feigen Matt Triano
Bo Driscoll Matt Triano
Joel Shepherd Matt Triano
Santina Croniser Matt Triano
Todd Allen Matt Triano
Lawrence MacDevitt Matt Triano
Ryan Kelly Matt Triano
Melody Stanley Matt Triano
Tom Ackenhausen Matt Triano
JJ Sciappa Jason Shanfield
Jason Araujo Derek Bever
John Godwim Matt Triano
Jeff Molek Matt Triano
Nathan Ellis Jason Shanfield
Sloan Lavery Matt Triano
Trey Keifer Matt Triano
Juan Robles Matt Triano
Simon Cygielski Matt Triano
Tom Forajter Matt Triano
Robert Grossman Matt Triano
Lucas Morris Matt Triano
Sergio Preston Matt Triano
Ron Bean Matt Triano
Greg Eagel Matt Triano
Carter Constana Matt Triano
Adam Glick Matt Triano
Zachary Fietsch Matt Triano
Solomon Hursey Matt Triano
Jesse Reynolds Matt Triano
Eduard Shlahtichman Matt Triano
Skittles Rainbow Matt Triano
Tom Jurgensen Matt Triano
Barmey Ung Matt Triano
Casey Olson Matt Triano
Jonathan Bisson Matt Triano
Ed Bennett Matt Triano
Anna Yu Matt Triano
Bandit Gangwere Matt Triano
Joseph Nudell Matt Triano
David Butler Matt Triano
Kathryn Smiley Matt Triano
Aimee Spevak Matt Triano
Cassie Webster Matt Triano
Chris Moylan Matt Triano
Mike O'Connor Matt Triano
Tyler Hsu Matt Triano
Zihe "Johnson" Luo Matt Triano
Giovanni Arroyo Matt Triano
Ian McLeod Derek Bever
Dan Thomson Jason Shanfield
Brandon Price Matt Triano
Arturo Duarte Matt Triano
Eric Braun Matt Triano
Jeremy Fay Matt Triano
Leeswann Bolden Matt Triano
James Porter Matt Triano
Jeff McBride Matt Triano
Connor Miller Matt Triano
Ashley Duca Matt Triano
Karen Niemczyk Matt Triano
Bassam Alshammari Matt Triano
John Fiene Matt Triano
Thomas Wright Matt Triano
Tom Judge Jason Shanfield
Joseph Peltier Matt Triano
Justin Conroy Matt Triano
David Koppel Matt Triano
Sevin Straus Matt Triano
Roger Moore Matt Triano
Valerie Moore Matt Triano
Andy Schwartz Matt Triano
Assaf Evron Matt Triano
David Pelot Matt Triano
Rich Smith Matt Triano
Khoi Nguyen Matt Triano
Brian Keehner Matt Triano
Jesse Gare Matt Triano
Tyler Natoli Matt Triano
David Siegfried Matt Triano
Annie Zebula Matt Triano
Eliya Gwetta Matt Triano
Patrick Schliss Matt Triano
Arjun Wadnerkar Matt Triano
Alec Weege Matt Triano
Sonia Yaco Matt Triano
Tom Bossier Jason Shanfield
Ray Doeksen Jason Shanfield
Touly Phiachantharath Matt Triano
Matt Vibberts Matt Triano
Thomas Garza Matt Triano
Will Garza Matt Triano
Brennan Koziarz Matt Triano
Eric Beauchamp Matt Triano
Clarence Risher Matt Triano
Erica Tesla Matt Triano
Jabu Dawdu Matt Triano
Karen Murphey Matt Triano
Matt Meshulam Matt Triano
Josh Myers Matt Triano
Weston Tanner Matt Triano
Hugh Sato Matt Triano
Nora Sluzas Matt Triano
Elizabeth Koprucki Matt Triano
Oscar Villareal Matt Triano
Rob Paral Matt Triano
Alex Schaffer Matt Triano
Szymon Sambor Matt Triano
Michael Solhelm Matt Triano
Rob Paral Michael Skilton
Sonia Yaco Matt Triano
Alyssa Moxley Ron Olson
Kyle Bieneman Ron Olson
Steve Ioannou Matt Triano
Matt Wilkens Matt Triano
Eric Slehofer Matt Triano
Jon Levine Matt Triano
Melody Snyder Matt Triano
Curtis Cooke Matt Triano
Harry Morgan Matt Triano
Lucas Goossen Matt Triano
Sam Drazin Matt Triano
Mike Kislovsky Matt Triano
Keven Kalay Matt Triano
Jacob Rush Ron Olson
Sam Reicks Ron Olson
Kevin Pulver Ron Olson
Keith Hultman Ron Olson
Cary Lahucik Ron Olson
John Keippel Ron Olson
Mario Rodriguez Ron Olson
Szilvia Precsinszki Ron Olson
Davis Mazariegos Ron Olson
Pete Noverini Matt Triano
Mike Coriale Matt Triano
Dan Baltudis Ron Olson
Viktor Bazarov Ron Olson
Roman Solomatov Ron Olson
Patrick Grider Ron Olson
Dubi Kaufmann Ron Olson
Erin Kunkel Matt Triano
Tyler Matthew Matt Triano
Shae Kurko Matt Triano
Ben Bogler Matt Triano
Rod McLah Ron Olson
Andrew Dreasler Ron Olson
Sam Paris Matt Triano
Chris Kleehammer Jason Shanfield
Trey Elliott Jason Shanfield
Nik Brink Jason Shanfield
Frances Ritchie Ron Olson
Ben Kern Ron Olson
Knute Martell Ron Olson
Eric Yu Ron Olson
Knute Martell Ron Olson
Bob McGrath Ron Olson
Karol Slowikowski Ron Olson
Michelle Deleon Ron Olson
Chris Smith Ron Olson
Benjamin Miller Ron Olson
Jennie P Ron Olson
Joe Wallace Ron Olson
Eugene Liokumovich Ron Olson
Laurel Garrett Matt Triano
Rei Kevin Matt Triano
Aji Slater Matt Triano
John Beyer Matt Triano
Jay Kasturi Ron Olson
Ryan Neuman Ron Olson
Benjamin Dambman Matt Triano 4/14/2015
Tomas Ward Ron Olson 4/26/2015
Les Schier Jason Shanfield 5/2/15
Mike Jones Matt Triano 5/12/15
Hunter Koerner Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Kurt Ziegel Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Simon Pyle Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Andy Richardson Matt Triano 4/14/15
Connor Jansen Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Raj Perera Matt Triano
Matt Crump Jason Shanfield 7/1/15
Erik Wessing Eric Beauchamp
Ananda Stevens Eric Beauchamp 7/18/15
Mark Stevens Eric Beauchamp 7/18/15
Anthony Phelps Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Jim Baker Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Ralph Brendler Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Bruce McConachie Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Shane Kanter Ron Olson 9/10/2015
Burton Kent Ron Olson 9/10/2015
Marcin Ignasiak Eric Beauchamp
Deanna Williams Eric Beauchamp
Jeff Smykil Matt Triano 9/26/2015
Glenn Powers Matt Triano 3/2015
Niko Hawley Eric Beauchamp
Kevin Mitchell Eric Beauchamp
John McDonald Eric Beauchamp 10/05/2015
Adam Moffatt Eric Beauchamp 10/22/2015
Jean Michel Crettaz Eric Beauchamp 10/22/2015
Mike Mandrea Eric Beauchamp 11/05/2015
Caleb Young Eric Beauchamp
Peter Letscher Eric Beauchamp 11/05/15
Glenn Trussell Eric Beauchamp 11/05/2015
Aaron Carlock Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Patrick Lynch Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Shine Chen Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Mike Forkan Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Ethan Sanders Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Alex Al-Hamdan Eric Beauchamp 12/04/2015
Alvaro Caceres Eric Beauchamp 12/03/2015
Kevin Schwartzenberg Eric Beauchamp 12/03/2015
Kelly Steensma Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Dan (Mike) Arwine Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Connor Sullivan Eric Beauchamp 1/8/2016
Chris Kohl Eric Beauchamp 1/8/2016
Peter Brask Eric Beauchamp 1/14/16
Erik Funkhouser Ron Olson 11/01/2015
Andrew Dalesandro Eric Beauchamp 1/14/16
Saul Weiner Eric Beauchamp 1/14/16
Brandon Love Eric Beauchamp 1/28/16
Craig Koszewski Eric Beauchamp 1/28/16
Amner Castillo Eric Beauchamp 2/26/16
Christopher Carson Eric Beauchamp 2/26/16
Keith Couture Eric Beauchamp 3/10/16
Jared K. Eric Beauchamp 3/10/16
Mark Zumwalt Andy Larkin 3/17/16
Adriana Garcia Eric Beauchamp 3/24/16
Julie Zwolinski Eric Beauchamp 3/24/16
Nick Puglisi Eric Beauchamp 4/21/16
Andy Muhic Andy Larkin 4/28/16
Greg "Nerobro" Teiber Dan Locks 4/29/16
Ken Burkhardt Andy Larkin 5/5/16
Colin Campbell Andy Larkin 5/5/16
Hans Griese Andy Larkin 5/5/16
Spencer Simms Eric Beauchamp 05/19/2016
Adam Stein Andy Larkin 4/14/2016
Josh Younger Eric Beauchamp 5/19/16
Ian Monroe Eric Beauchamp 5/19/16
Joseph Juhnke Eric Beauchamp 6/20/16
An Phan Andy Larkin 07/07/16
Jim Brink Andy Larkin 07/21/16
Donald Wells /Andy Larkin 8/4/16
Derwin Umali Andy Larkin 08/04/16
McTavish McArdle Andy Larkin 2016-08-04
Joe Dowling Ken Burkhardt 08/15/16
Leo Rodman Jason S 9/12/16
Brian Cuocci Andy L 9/15/16
Max Rashes Ken Burkhardt 9/20/16
Revant Ohri Andy L 9/15/16
Aaron Mintz Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Jon Komperda Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Regan Via Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Robert Richardson Ken Burkhardt 10/17/16
Ryan Fiebing Ken Burkhardt 10/24/16
Jack Berg Ken Burkhardt 11/07/16
Logan Price Andy Larkin 11/21/16
Kris Blouch Andy Larkin 11/21/16
Tony Iacullo Andy 12/5/16
Matt Schaid Andy Larkin 01/05/17
Jamie Vollmer Andy Larkin 01/05/17
Chris Ruhland Andy Larkin 01/05/17
John McBride Andy Larkin 01/19/17
Will Heil Andy Larkin 01/19/17
Dusty Buyck Andy Larkin 01/19/17
Bruce Mace Eric Beauchamp 02/20/17
Matthew Quigley Andy Larkin 03/02/17
W. Anthony Claypool Andy Larkin 03/16/17
Crystal Morales Andy Larkin 2017-03-16
Jason Pittman Andy Larkin 2017-03-16
Sam Chen Andy Larkin
Abel Greenwald Andy Larkin
Andrew Vaughan Andy Larkin 2017-04-25
Molly Adamski Ralph Brendler 4/27/2017
Shabab Mustafa Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Adomas Tautkus Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Brett Sanderson Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Crystal Zapata Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
Alexa Viscius Ralph Brendler 4/27/17
David Earl Ralph Brendler 5/4/2017
Paul McClay Ralph Brendler 5/18/17
Luis Colmenares Ralph Brendler 6/1/17
Jim Handley Ralph Brendler 5/13/17
Kari Danek Ralph Brendler 6/15/17
Danielle MacDonald Ralph Brendler 2017-06-29
Andrew Wingate Jason Shanfield 7/22/17
Christophe Laurent Ralph Brendler 8/10/17
Sam Yi Ralph Brendler 7/27/17
Arjun Sharma Ralph Brendler 8.10.17
Zack Sasnow Paul Van Lake 8/3/17
Justin Pestka Ralph Brendler 8.30.17
Sam Dreyer Ralph Brendler 8/30/17
Jacob Snyder Ralph Brendler 9/7/17
James Beck Ralph Brendler 9/13/17
Dan Kim Ralph Brendler 9/21/17
Mark Haughey Sevin Straus 9/30/17
Jacqueline Villa Maria Miller 10/3/17
James Marco Ralph Brendler 10/5/17
Mike Thariath Ralph Brendler 10/19/17
Benjamin Nuttin Ralph Brendler 11/02/17
Karl Healy Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Chinbayar Davaatseren Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Tee Paul V 11/9/17
Nick Fera Paul V 11/09/17
Jeremie Davis Ralph Brendler 11/16/17
Nathan Witt Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Corey Toyama Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Theo T Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Jeff Hassberger Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Wally Ibrahim Ralph Brendler 11/30/17
Mac MacDevitt Paul V 12/7/17
Ben Starett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Ross Hanchett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Michael Donovan Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Alex Tomala Ralph Brendler 12/21/17
Jamin Nollsch Ralph Brendler 12/28/17
Chris Versteeg Ralph Brandler 12/28/17
Aaron Vander Bee Ralph Brandler 1/11/18
Ben Farmer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Joseph Crouch Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Bradford Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Stephanie Pelzer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Amanda Assaley Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Chris Eppig Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Patrick Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Jeff Gershune Paul VanLake 1/16/18
Bryan Pennington Ralph Brendler 1/25/18
Michael Ice Ralph Brendler 2/08/18
Francisco Becerril Ralph Brendler 2/08/18
Brandon Kennedy Ralph Brendler 2/22/18
Rolf Scheidt Ralph Brendler 2/22/18
Charles Barker Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Dan Mach Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Bruce Mace Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Nick Prorok Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Ricardo Staudt Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Paul Graham Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Mike Gucciard Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Wayne Warren Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Adam Hall Paul V 3/29/18
Bill Schroeder Ralph Brendler 4/5/18
Mike Wilkin Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Alex Lanigan Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Jessica Jokhi Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Matt Maggio Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Jonathan Frink Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Ian Brieger Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Gary Newhouse Ralph Brendler 4/26/18
Dave DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
Jennifer DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
John Burkholder Ralph Brendler 5/03/18
Wayne Hendryx Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Brendan Fortune Ralph Brendler 5/17/18
Fritz Sullivan Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Elizabeth Reuter Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Kirsten Landmark Masih Ralph Brendler 6/07/18
Chris Niziolek Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Bob Fritz Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Sam Wallinga Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Nate Myren Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Eli Schlossberg Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Tyler Works Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Bruce Levin Paul V 7/05/18
Joe Day Paul V 7/05/18
Mike Yacobucci Ralph Brendler 7/12/18
Kathryn Connolly Paul V 7/19/18
Kathryn Connolly Paul V 7/19/18
Aaron Hale Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Adam Wilk Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Geoff Klein Paul V 9/13/18
Earl Wood Paul V 9/13/18
Jacob Dawson Paul V 9/13/18
Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi Paul V 9/27/18
Tim Bielawa Paul V 9/27/18
Gwenn-Ael Lynn Ralph Brendler 10/4/18
Tatjana Paunesku (tpaune) Ralph Brendler 11/29/18
Jim Lund Paul Van Lake 12/7/18
Sam Holtman Paul V 12/6/17
Kevin Bradley Paul V 12/7/18
Dan Gulick Paul V 12/7/18
Deanna Musurlian Ralph Brendler 01/24/19
Pat Hillegass Ralph Brendler 1/24/19
Brian Barnt Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Matt Dinning Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Johanna Vargas David Earl 02/13/2019
Alex Biardo Paul Van Lake 03/01/19
Tyler Moench Ralph Brendler 03/03/19
Tony Green Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Carsten Lohan Ralph Brendler 03/07/19
Bobby Salazar Ralph Brendler 03/21/19
Vaibhav Konanur Paul Van Lake 03/30/19
Sean Blum Ralph Brendler 04/04/19
Maciej Warchalowski Paul V 04/10/19
Zach Graceffa Ralph Brendler 04/18/19
David Earley Ralph Brendler 04/18/19
David Pfeffer Paul V 05/24/19
Tim Whelan Ralph Brendler 06/27/19
Nathan Upchurch Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Luke Krudwig Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Paul Ocampo Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Eric Kostecki Paul V 07/18/19
Michael Baker Paul V 07/18/19
Sarah Lu Ralph Brendler 07/25/19
Joseph Kardia Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Kevin Huemann Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Connar Rosebraugh Ralph Brendler 08/01/19