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This is an installation of dudemon. Use it to state that you'll be at the space - think foursquare-ish via IRC.

What Can You Do?

You can find out who's told schedmon they're at the space!

 <+Toba> !whom
 < schedmon> rhys and toba are here now.

You can say you'll be at the space for awhile....

 <+Toba> !sched 5 1:00
 < schedmon> see you for 1 hour in 5 minutes, toba

You can ask when someone will be around...

 <+Toba> !next ScribbleJ
 < schedmon> scribblej will get here in 11415525114155 years, 67 days

As you can see, Chris has been very optimistic about his lifespan and capacity for planning.