Scholarship Policy 2019 Vote Proposal

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  • Max Rashes (MMT)
  • Molly Adamski
  • Jennie (The Vulture)
  • Alisha Ciardi


  • Announced: 7/18/2019
  • Language locked: 7/25/2019
  • Voted on: *July 30, 2019*


This is a vote to create a distinct Scholarship policy independent but still symbiotic with Member Points and to keep both policies on the same wiki page that reads “Scholarships & Work-in-Lieu of Dues.”

We propose that, rather than coupling scholarships to member points (Member Points also has a vote forthcoming), we simplify scholarship availability by allocating a set amount of funds to a scholarship budget every year. Providing consistent scholarship opportunities is a meaningful way to expand how PS1 performs its mission, particularly“interact[ing] with the local community in which the Workspace is situated in through education and cultural participation” and “shar[ing] developments and ideas with the world at large.” While financial funding and member dues will always be a necessity in keeping PS1 operational, we do not believe that finances should limit people who cannot afford PS1’s dues from accessing our resources or participating in hacking and making.

Due to the timing of this vote, we would start this quarter in August and approve 2-month scholarships. We would then begin admitting scholarship applicants on regularly scheduled cycles in October.


Language for this vote can be commented on for change here: [Scholarship Policy 2019 Vote Language]

Once language is locked, it will also be posted to this section.


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