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Work in Lieu of Dues

While this section will be updated in the next few weeks, please refer to the Member Points page, which denotes the current system of providing and tracking work in lieu of dues.


This policy went into effect July 30, 2019 via a vote of the membership. Vote language can be viewed here: Scholarship Policy 2019 Vote Proposal.

Application Process

To apply for a Pumping Station: One scholarship, please follow the link to fill out our application form. You may apply for all types of scholarships via this form.

The deadline for the 1st Quarter scholarship cycle (January-March) is December 28, 2019, 8:00 pm. All applications received after 8 pm on December 28th, will be considered for the 2020 2nd Quarter (April-June). Please reach out to or if you have any questions or would like more information about the application process.

Scholarships decisions will be sent out by the 1st Wednesday of the corresponding quarter. The next decision notification date is January 7, 2020. If accepted, applicants will have 2 weeks to accept or request to defer their scholarship (and attend a member meeting to join PS1 and receive an ID if not already a member.) The scholarship will terminate 3 months after accepting the scholarship and receiving a valid ID check, if applicable. This application process is new and subject to change as we hope to continue optimizing this process. Please check back on this page for the most up-to-date information.

Policy Language

Consistent with our mission, PS1 offers Scholarships to individuals that might not otherwise be able to participate due to financial constraints. There are multiple types of scholarships available to fit the needs of various types of applicants.

Financial & Logistical Considerations

A distinct budget for scholarships at PS1 shall be created to be voted upon with other budget items for that year’s annual budget. We propose that the approved scholarship budget be allocated thusly: 25% of it’s funds to Need-based scholarships, 25% to Education-based scholarships, 40% to work-based scholarships, and 10% to Overflow scholarships. These scholarship types are further elucidated below. All money that is not used in the scholarship fund will be returned to general PS1 funds to be redistributed in the annual budget vote for the upcoming year.

Scholarships are to occur on a quarterly application cycle to generate a more consistent selection pool as well as to provide time for planning the necessary logistics for a smooth on-boarding process for scholarship recipients. Scholarships are approved for 3-month cycles with decisions being sent out by the 1st Wednesday of every quarter (January, April, July, October). All scholarships will have an option to renew via reapplication for an additional 3 months totaling a limit of 6 months within a calendar year, with the exception of work-based scholarships (see description below). Former scholarship recipients may be considered again in the following year. The majority of scholarships are available for quarterly intervals, again except work-based scholarships where a different amount of time might be appropriate for a particular project.

Scholarships are determined by a majority vote of the Board according to funding and type availability, and selections will be guided by the specifics of the selection criteria that are generally laid out in this document. The selection process may be delegated to other members of PS1, provided that scholarship recipients are ultimately reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors.

The Scholarship budget may also receive additional funding from donors in addition to what is voted upon in the annual budget. Donor funding may be added to the general scholarship pool to be allocated to the scholarship types described below, to a specific scholarship type described below, or as a separate scholarship designed to support particular applicants not currently specified (.e.g. a scholarship specifically for welders) provided those scholarships fit the goals and objectives of Pumping Station: One and are approved by the Board of Directors. All types of scholarship variations should be made available for review by the membership, including those that are temporary, although donors and recipients may remain anonymous. Funds or donated member points provided by donors for the purpose of supporting scholarships will be added to the general pool of Scholarship funding unless otherwise specified.

Type of Scholarship and Availability

Scholarships [are to] be categorized by type with a certain ratio of scholarship funds allocated to every type:

Need-based Scholarships

  • 25% of Scholarship budget

Any current or prospective member may apply for a need-based scholarship. No particular skills or work commitment to PS1 is necessary. This scholarship is for people who would not otherwise have the time or resources to maintain membership, but being a member of PS1 would provide a healthy outlet or otherwise be beneficial to them. Storage is not available as part of this scholarship.

Work-based Scholarships

  • 40% of Scholarship budget

This scholarship is geared more toward current members, but anyone may apply. Project scholarships will essentially function as pre-approved member points as opposed to being nominated for member points after-the-fact, which requires reimbursement. These scholarships will be taken on a case-by-case basis, according to the needs of PS1and the individual applicant’s enthusiasm and preparedness for the project. There is no limit to this scholarship, but after 6 months, if there is a surplus of applicants, newer applicants of similar caliber will be given priority. Storage is also available with this type of scholarship, but may not be granted depending on availability, necessity, or other factors as determined by the Board.

Education-based Scholarships

  • 25% of Scholarship budget

This scholarship is available to applicants who are full-time students, teachers, or anyone interested in sharing in PS1’s mission as an educational organization that exists to enrich the community at large. While classes taught at PS1 are considered part of this category, applicants may also use their access to PS1 to enrich their own educational pursuits or share the knowledge gained at PS1 with the community at large. Performing authorizations does not qualify for this type of scholarship. Storage is also available with this type of scholarship, but will only be granted depending on availability, necessity, or other factors as determined by the Board.


  • 10% of Scholarship budget

Optional additional scholarship positions are available at the discretion of the Board if there are an unusually high number of qualified or compelling applicants. Can be applied to any category in any quantity that does exceed the allocated 10% of Scholarship funds allocated.


“Scholarships per month” refers to a singular instance of waived dues for that month’s membership. When someone receives a scholarship per quarter, they are receiving 3-months worth of scholarships to be used in that quarter. If an applicant or recipient needs to postpone their scholarship due to unforeseeable circumstances, they may do so provided it is approved by the Board and does not unduly disrupt the quarterly cycle.


The Board of Directors reserves the right to provide scholarships to the extent the Board or other designated volunteers are currently able to successfully manage and only to those applicants they deem to meet the criteria, regardless of availability. The Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke scholarships if the recipient violates the Membership agreement, does not fulfill the requirements of their scholarship, or does not respond to Board correspondence in a timely fashion regarding pertinent issues pertaining to their scholarship. The Board will work to the best of their ability to address issues for scholarship recipients with clarity and in a timely fashion. Scholarships are not transferable.