Shelf Registry

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Numbering starts with the upper left shelf and goes down, then across. The top row is ignored because the opening is too obstructed to be used.

You should use the same name here that you have listed on the members site so that we can verify your membership status. This will help you avoid your shelf getting ticketed and you having to do something about it later.

Shelf No. Member Name
1 Ron Olson
2 Tina Croniser
3 "Mark" (almost empty)
4 "Lockpicking" (Is this official?)
5 Steve Ionnou
6 Arturo Duarte
7 Will McShane (unlabeled)
8 Tim Saylor
9 Lyn & Noony (Amanda Clothier)
10 Hailey Willis
11 Ryan Pierce
12 Hilary Lee
13 Bo Driscoll (Michael Driscoll)
14 Jeff Kantarek
15 Ananda Stevens
16 Jay Hopkins
17 Shawn Blaszak
18 Anthony Sontag
19 Pete N.
20 Jason Shanfield
21 Ed Bennett
22 Anna Yu
23 Rhonda Jackson (and "PAPER FOR MEMBERS")
24 Dean Anderson
25 Rob Riggs (Colorado Rob)
26 Josh Krueger (unlabeled)
27 Bart Dring
28 Dan Locks
29 Tom Judge
30 Justin D. B. (Bozarth)
31 Fitter Dave
32 David Fell
33 Elizabeth Koprucki
34 Jesse Seay
35 Ray Doeksen
36 David Kinney
37 Trey Runcie maybe? (empty)
38 Peter Borah
39 Patrick Callahan
40 Hef
41 Jon Keane
42 Sheila
43 Sevin Straus (almost empty)
44 Avner Shanan
45 Eric Stein
46 Bryanna Denney
47 Joel Luellwitz
48 Michael Skilton
49 Matt Triano
50 Steve Farkas
51 Laurie
52 Kathy Whisler
53 Simon Cygielski
54 Khoi Nguyen
55 Brian Sheppard
56 Patrick Thomas
57 Daniel Baltudis
58 Everett Wilson
59 Brian Chojnowski
60 Clarence Risher
61 bandit Gangwere
62 Patrick Schless
63 Zlatan Klebic
64 Justin T. Conroy
65 (contains shelf/rack hardware) (unlabeled)
66 Edward Muella (empty)

Top Shelf

These shelves are difficult to impossible to reach, but adventurous people store things there anyway. Here's their status, lettered left to right:

Column Member Name
A (unlabeled)
B (unlabeled)
C (unlabeled)
D (unlabeled)
E "Jeremy"
F Tony Phelps and Tim Foley
G Erica Tesla (empty)
H (unlabeled)
I Randy C (empty)
J (unlabeled)
K (unlabeled)

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