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Sherline MiniMill
Owner/Loaner Joe Fallon
Serial Number SP-73511
Make/Model Sherline Model 5000
Arrival Date 2010
Usability Working
Contact Joe Fallon
Where Machine Shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~$500
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Sherline MiniMill Joe Fallon Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Sherline_MiniMill

This tool requires certification for use.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Joe Fallon Danger Committee
Tim Saylor Joe Fallon
Avner Shanan Joe Fallon
John Albert Joe Fallon
Sacha De'Angeli Joe Fallon
Ishmael Rufus Joe Fallon
Zane Bowers Joe Fallon
Zach Schneider Joe Fallon
Eric Michaud Joe Fallon
Shawn Blaszak Joe Fallon
Sravan Mettupalli Joe Fallon
Geoffrey Topham Eric Michaud
Nathan Witt Eric Michaud
Ryan Lanham Joe Fallon
John Stoner Joe Fallon
Dan Bornside Joe Fallon
John Dorfman Joe Fallon
Jordan Bunker Joe Fallon
Julic Hawvmirs Joe Fallon
Greg "Nerobro" Teiber Dan "Camo"
Dan "Crimson" Dan "Camo"

Available tooling
Collet adapter
Several Endmills

This tool may require training to be used correctly.

Training Resources

manual for setup
manual for use
MIT Machine Shop 4 – Milling Machine 1
MIT Machine Shop 5 – Milling Machine 2
MIT Machine Shop 6 – Milling Machine 3
MIT Machine Shop 7 – Milling Machine 4