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This page needs to be cleaned and updated - Eric Hanley 2011.04.12

Now that we've all but signed the new lease with Steve, we need to start planning the new workshop.

First things first

We need to start making BOMs (Bill of Materials). We can bring them to Home Depot for pricing. We also discussed getting in touch with Rubenstein for sponsorship or discounts. If we're going to do that someone needs to contact them ASAP so we don't end up waiting on them to get started.


  • are there smoke detectors?
  • fire extinguishers (at least 4)
    • we should also get a compressed water extinguisher for putting out clothes
  • real first aid kit
    • 12 inch square acrylic mirrror next to it
  • safety gear wall
    • can we put it on the wall outside?
  • If we keep the table saw, we need to see if Steve has the blade guard to put back on or we need to buy a new one.
  • Emergency shower (rumoured to be in the works)


  • better lighting
    • get better bulbs and a new fixture
    • under cabinet lighting
    • emergency light
    • Skylight? solatubes are nifty
  • ventilation
    • fumes for welding, etc.
      • requires ducting to be run through the wall to the main garage (why?)
      • the ducting needs an axial fan (Patrick/Jordan may have one)
      • a switch needs to turn on both the axial fan and the fan in the main garage
    • dust collection from saws
  • power
    • we have 2 outlets with 220 V (in the middle of the shop, one on each side)
    • things that need 220
      • air compressor
      • kiln
      • end mill (that we're going to get, right?)
      • lathe (also that we're going to get)
    • are outlets on multiple circuits?
    • extension cord reels hanging from ceilings (at least one for each workbench)
    • Kill switches?
  • workbenches
    • finish work (smelly things, and general workspace)
    • metalwork
    • woodworking
  • Tool Storage. There are three main types of tools that we have. Each needs to be stored separately so that it's easy to find the right tool for the right job.
    • Woodwork
    • metalwork
    • Mechanical
  • slop sink

Materials storage

  • could go above sump pumps (may need permission from Steve)
  • do we want to provide a regular supply of ply wood and other materials, like Chez PS1 for wood?
    • is anyone willing to take responsibility for keeping it stocked?


    • wood stock
    • wood scrap (a limited space!)
    • metal stock
    • metal scrap

Tools, etc

  • pegboard
  • do we mount it on the walls or on the moveable tables?
  • cleaning rack (by the entrance)
  • a sliding door would be cool (door for what?)
    • cut a regular sized door into it (with a window)
  • install a doorbell buzzer
  • Dan may be able to get us a mill and a lathe
    • do we have the room for them?
  • finish workbenches should have MDF tops with a clear (or opaque) coating to protect from spills
  • woodworking benches should be bare, but a coating is not the worst thing in the world
    • must have bench vice example for $50
    • Should have holes for bench dogs or holdfasts.
  • metalworking benches should have metal or pressboard. Pressboard cuts down on noise.
    • must have a metalworking bench vice (like the big red one we already have.)
    • should be on pedal lock casters, not butterfly; solid polyurethane; rated for at least 200 lbs
  • shallow open shelves for hardware
  • welding curtain
  • back wall should be painted flat black to cut down UV reflection
  • sheet metal shielding should go around the dry wall near the hot area
  • Tool locations should be included in layout.
    • All tools should have at least 2 ft clearance on 3 sides.
    • All decent tablesaws are big, and require at least enough space to cut a 4x8 sheet.
    • shopsmith needs access from 4 sides, but is movable, and may not require permanenly allocated space.
    • radial arm saw or chop saw needs 4-6ft on either side for stock overhang.