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Slot Forge
File:"IMAGENAME.JPG" (case sensitive, this is whatever you named the image when you uploaded it)
Owner/Loaner "PS:One"
Make/Model Mifco F-526
Arrival Date May 2018
Usability "yes"
Contact Hot Metals area host
Where Hot Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable "no"
Estimated Value ?
Host Area Hot Metals

Slot Forge "PS:One" Area: Hot Metals


A certification process is still being worked out, very close to completed. If you want to help with that check in with the hotmetals area host.


  • Eye protection required
  • Flammable Gas
  • Burns
  • It's loud
  • you might want a respirator



  • Clean up, vacuum up debris that has fallen out of the exhaust duct. It's plastic-ee and smells horrid and very unhealthy when it burns.
  • Stack pile-O-bricks around the slot to suit your work. The entire slot must be covered.
  • Make sure there is nothing flammable on the top of the forge.

Start up

  • Turn on the exhaust fan with the timer switch on the wall.
  • Open the valve on the tank.
  • Open the slot forge valve on the manifold on the wall.
  • Press the start button on the front of the forge.

Shut Down

  • Press the stop button on the front of the forge.
  • Close the slot forge valve on the manifold on the wall.
  • Close the valve on the tank.
  • Leave an indicator that the area is hot.

This tool requires certification for use.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Name of member Who qualified them
Michael Skilton Danger committee