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Board Meeting Notes 2012-04-03

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Meeting started at 07:13 pm
Shawn and Dan are absent.
====Old Business====
* Flourish Workshop update (flourish was March 30-31), People were happy. Check is in the mail.
* The front door lock is still broken. Oh noes!!! Lockpicking people may re-key for fun.
====New Business====
* Financial/membership report 68 full 68 starving 129 members in total
* Donation letter / receipts, should they come from the school factory? What Nathan posted was good. Add school factory info.
* Steve said flourish was good.
* Charging for classes was discussed. We have decided to keep doing what we are doing
** NOTE: And that is for the teacher to charge a $5-$15 price difference for non-full-members, and that goes to the space. * Sacha is taking the temperature of the room on service hours. Members must put in work for membership. Sweat equity requirement. It was largely rejected. Sacha also suggested splitting the board and the officers to split the work load to reduce burn out.
Meeting adjourned at 07:44 pm

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