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New Member Orientation

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How to Join
You can join by following the steps , which are, in short:
* The first step should be to check out the space. We have a public meeting every Tuesday at 8pm. Please You'll get a tour and if you join that night, it's a good time to get your ID checked. You could also come introduce yourselfby any event that’s open to the public. There are many: almost anything on the event calendar that isn’t a tool authorization.* If we didn't scare you off, you You can start your apply for membership by beginning a paypal subscription starting recurring payments [http on the website]. From the home page, look for the "Join" menu item.* You'll then need Find two board members or authorized membership admins to check your government-issued ID. To find them: attend either a Tuesday meeting open house (8 pm almost every Tuesday, except for a few holidays) or a [[New Member Orientation]]. Before your membership is official, two [[The Board|board members ]] (or one of the non-board [[ID Checkers|authorized ID checkers]]) will need to check a government-issued photo ID. Either of these events is an appropriate place a good time for that. Once your ID has been verified, you'll get a door code and will be able to start learning getting authorized to use toolsand equipment. If you can’t make it to an open house or an orientation there are still many times you can have your ID checked; to arrange a time send an email to * Once you've received your welcome email, you should go to [ our member site] and activate your userid/Active Directory account. This account will serve as your Wiki account as well as your log in for computers around the space. Do this as soon as possible.
But you've got concerns, let's address them:
* I have a project I need to get done on a very short time frame, is there any way to get in before next Tuesday?
Sorry, no. Unfortunately we are '''not''' a job shop, fab lab or tool rental company. You're going to need some patience. We are 100% volunteer run. Likewise, no day passes, no corporate memberships shared between several people. Not a good fit for this kind of place.
* How do I get certified on authorized to use the laser cutter?
Good question. The laser cutter is our most popular tool. Our CNC area hostThere may be an authorization session on the Events calendar, Elizabethor one may be in the process of forming, holds regular office hours. Check usually based on a discussion on the member's Google Group mailing list, she posts regularly. There are a few recommended authorizers for the laser. There are more volunteer authorizers for laser cutters than ever before; scheduling a time won’t be hard.
== How Do do I Get Certifiedget authorized on tools? ==
Most/many tools require certificationIt depends. Certification requirements vary from thing to thing, sometimes have prerequisites and sometimes can only be done Start by one or looking for a small set of trainerswiki page for that tool, see if that tells you how. Information about how to get certified may be explained in deteail on You can find a particular toolthing's [[equipment|wiki page]], and is likely to be discussed by searching for it on the mailing listwiki, or by looking for an [https:/Google group/wiki. For some of equipment label] on the thing that will tell you the URL to the more common certification schemes, here is a quick reference:thing's wiki page.
Most/many tools require authorization. This was formerly referred to as certification and many members wiki pages still refer to it as that. Authorization requirements vary from thing to thing, sometimes have prerequisites and sometimes can only be done by one or a small set of trainers. Information about how to get authorized may be explained in detail on a particular tool's [[equipment|wiki page]], and is likely to be discussed on the mailing list/Google group. For some of the more common authorization schemes, here is a quick reference: [[How Do I Get CertifiedAuthorized?|How do I get certifiedauthorized? (quick reference, not a complete list)]]
== Pumping Station: One Is ... ==
==== Entirely run by volunteers ====
Our [[The Board|Board of Directors]], [[Area Hosts]], people offering training on the equipment, and anyone who looks like they're doing anything remotely official are all volunteers. That means if you ask them nicely for something they'll probably help you, but you should do what you can to make their job easier.
* [[Skills Exchange]]: List of members, what skills they can offer, and which they hope to attain.
* [[Project Incubator]]: We come up with a bunch of random ideas. Let's try to write them down so we'll be more likely to remember them.
* : Interest Groups == Orientation Notes ==[[InterestgroupsOrientation Notes]]: Interest Groups
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