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{{Meeting Notes
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== Agenda ==
* Intro to PS1 and what we're about.(2 mins MAX)* Let Tour leaves (new members and visitors intro themselves.* Pick 2 random people to introduce themselves.)* Introduce Update from the Board and Area Hosts * Go over things that need doing around the space.BoD about what's going * Awesome call outs* Tell me Update from area hosts about What You Hackwhat's going on* Announcements* QuestionsOther announcements, events, awesome callouts, what have you been hacking, general discussion, etc.* Votes* Tour8:15pm SHARP Voting time, if a vote is taking place
For extended discussions, we may take stack and borrow from [[MIBS Rules#Meeting Procedures]].= Minutes =
== Minutes == === Intro to PS1 === [[Bylaws#Purpose]] ==Board Updates = Introductions === ==== New People ==== New People (name - where did you hear about us - what do you make/hack) ==== Board and Area Hosts ====  ==== Two Random Members ==Host Updates ==  === Things that need doing around the space ===  === Awesome Callouts ===  === What have you been hacking ===  === Announcements , Events, Discussion===  === Questions ===  === Votes === === Tour === Who wants to give a tour?
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