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Talk:2017 Board Elections

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Discussion from candidates
=== Directors-at-Large ===
==== Erik Funkhouser - Accepted====
For 2017 I'm going to start having a bit more availability of time to contribute to the space beyond my projects. Ultimately I'd like to help in the following areas:
•Help * Help in supporting responsible management and collaboration within the space.•Administrative * Administrative tasks that help in continuing to run everything smoothly •I* I'm personally interested in spending my time looking into how we can (or do currently) benefit from potential grants or non-profit support systems that exist. ◦Any ** Any opportunities here would be to help fund initiatives presented by members.◦Often ** Often times grants might require 'new' developments or programs to be created in response to funding. If there were opportunities I'd enjoy working with the board and other members to discuss what these could be.
I am a project manager by trade, and this position does allow for a lot of growth personally as well that I am looking forward to.
=== Directors-at-Large = Ed Bennet ==== Ed Bennet - Accepted - Accepted
Ed Bennett (me)
=== Directors-at-Large = Carl Karsten ==== Carl Karsten
Note, Carl is in Hobart, Tasmania at the moment working on a sprint and a conference. We are off by 12 hours. I (sheila) asked him to talk a bit about a DaL position. [[User:Skm|Skm]] ([[User talk:Skm|talk]]) 11:07, 12 January 2017 (CST)

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