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Pen turning

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Pen turning is a popular hobby. Typically, one uses a small lathe to turn pens (fountain, rollerball, or click or twist ballpoint) out of exotic hardwood, or, in some cases, acrylic. In addition to pens, other items of similar construction can be turned, such as mechanical pencils, seam rippers, crochet hooks, and keychains. Manufacturers supply kit parts containing the hardware. In most cases, these are constructed by gluing a metal tube into the wood and turning this on a mandrel. PS:One has a [[Lathe. Wen mini lathe|small Wen lathe]] that can do this well, and a collection of tools specific to pen turning.
Please contact Ryan Pierce or Denzell Gordon for information about pen turning, and Denzell for lathe questions and lathe authorization. The pen turning tools do not require special authorization, but authorization on the Wen lathe is required.
== Acquiring Materials ==

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