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Meeting Notes 2012-01-03

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Meeting started at 8: 02 pm
====Role Call====
* Board IntroductionsMembership totals 101. 45 starving 56 full.
* New People: Sam, social worker, interested in making things he can hold.* Bruce, saw it on a meet up and wanted to see what people are working on. Has a PhD in physics.* Eric, student of mathmatics, wants to build something.* Patrick, teaches the lock picking class, is a software guy doing hardware for fun* Crystal, micro bio PhD, and does lock picking* Jake, paramedic, wantds to build wood working stuff.*
* 300 Seconds to take place next week. Candidates get 5 minutes. Last chances to nominate!
* Freescale - Brian
* New space - Brian3517 N. Elston.* Steve said Maker Fair is official August 5th.* Drill press is fixed
* Allow Ishmael Rufus to exceed the three-year term limit in order to serve one more term as treasurer
* YeaProxy 5+ 14=19* Nay1* Present2====PASSES====
* Lock Picking Wednesday, January 4th February 1st 7pm
* Movie Night Saturday January 7th 2012 @ 7pm
* Fabric dying class. Sunday Jan 8th @ 2pm
* DIY CNC Night Wednesday, January 11th @ 7:00pm
* Haskell Programming Thursday, January 12th @ 8pm
* Contact microphone building workshop Saturday, January 14th @ 3pm
* Sunday 15th January Chicago Open Science @ 6pm
* Put your garbage away now and stack your chairs
* Happy Frackin New Year!
Meeting Adjourned at 8: 54 pm

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