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Template:Meeting Notes

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This template is designed to make the secretary's life easier.
Copy this text into the page of a meeting:
{{Meeting Notes
| Previous YYYY-MM-DD= date of previous meeting in YYYY-MM-DD format
| Next YYYY-MM-DD= date of next meeting in YYYY-MM-DD format
| YYYY= four digit year}}
This will also add two categories: [[:Category:Meetings| Meeting Minutes]] and the correct category to subdivide these by year of board meeting.
<includeonly>[[Category:General Meetings]]</includeonly>
<includeonly>[[Category: {{{YYYY}}} Meetings]]</includeonly>
 {| style="width:100%;border:1px black solid;" cellpadding="5" bordercellspacing="0"align="center"|-! style="background: #efefef;" colspan="3" | [[:Category:Meetings|Meeting Minutes]]|-!align="left"| << [[Meeting Notes {{{Previous YYYY-MM-DD-YYYY}}}]] !align="center"| [[:Category:{{{YYYY}}} Meetings|{{{YYYY}}} Meetings]] !align="right"| [[Meeting Notes {{{Next YYYY-MM-DD-YYYY}}}]] >>

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