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Meeting Notes 2012-12-18

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Meeting Begin: XX08:XX 10 pm
== Agenda ==
=== Announcements ===
* [[300 Seconds of fame|300 Seconds of Fame]] will follow the meeting?
* No official meetings on December 25 or January 1.
== Minutes ==
* Tim introduced the board to the new people
* Tim had the new people introduce themselves
* Tim announced that there will be no meeting for the next two weeks.
* A tour will be given after this meeting
* Tim announced the upcoming events
** Knitting lab will be put on hold until January
** CNC office hours will be cancelled for next week
* Tim thanked Steve for all the work he's done to fix our financial records.
* Steve announced that we will now have monthly financial statements starting with November's statement which was available tonight
* We now have five months of expenses in the bank
 Meeting End: 08:XX 18 pm

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