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I've been reading up on how to get this working in Windows 8 and on a Mac.

  • The typical issue with Windows 8 (parallel) is the familiar driver signing error, which can be temporarily worked around by turning it off.
  • There is reportedly a workaround Mac driver. I will try the demo and advise. I wonder whether a Gutenprint or CUPS driver will work as well. I'll give that a try too, since a paid stand alone print app is an undesirable solution.
  • My understanding is that the cartridges are no longer available, so there should be an explicit instruction not to throw them away, as they can be refilled like any other inkjet cartridges
  • My understanding is that the cartridges are notorious for drying out but only require a brief soaking and having the membrane or whatever it uses to apply ink thoroughly cleaned. Apparently the ink makes water-soluble granules that will clog the business end.
  • Aside from the older Thinkpad, none of our new machines has a parallel port. I am purchasing a parallel-to-USB cable today and will experiment, as I need some large format prints on acetate to shoot silk screens. This appears to be the only way to hook the think up. My research reflects that very few people have success network printing directly from the machine. Sharing it from a networked machine isn't a solution, as it requires the driver and signing workaround.

Jason (talk) 10:54, 9 December 2014 (CST)

parallel port

I believe the machines do have parallel ports in the back. --Hef (talk) 11:00, 9 December 2014 (CST)

I checked last night. Tom just texted me to advise that there's an adapter near one of the arts machines. Jason (talk) 11:09, 9 December 2014 (CST)