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== PR Director ==
== PR Director ==
'''Currently''': Zlatan Klebic
'''Currently''': Adam Dzak
'''Official Responsibilities'''
'''Official Responsibilities'''
* Outreach
* New Member Growth
* Newsletters
* Bringing new and current members together
* Flyers
* Community outreach and representation
* Responding to Outside Requests
* Advertising
* Spokesperson
* General spokesperson for PS1
'''PR Making Member Activities'''
* [[Biosensor Array|GGHC Biosensor Array]]
'''Something I've done'''
* I built a fully functional, replica of (dj) Sasha's mixer the Maven.

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The board holds meetings, the notes of which are here. This page is currently inaccurate since it's a mix of information about the previous (2011, 2012) boards and the current (2013) board. We're working on that, honestly.


Currently: Eric Stein

Official Responsibilities

  • Run everything. (kidding)
  • Conduct meetings
  • Guide Policy
  • Help with Long-Range Goals

Money Making Member Activities

  • Solicit Donations

Member Activities

  • Act as Spokesperson
  • Correspond with other Organizations/Individuals.
  • Delegating.

Vice President

Currently: Patrick Callahan

Official Responsibilities

  • Help with the President's duties
  • Presidential Stand-In when necessary
  • Internal Affairs: workshop, webcam, classroom, new member management system, etc.


Currently: Steve Farkas

Official Responsibilities

  • All finances/taxes/insurance
  • Manage the Official Member Roster
  • Eye on our Bottom Line/Savings/Financial Health


Currently: Hailey Willis

Official Responsibilities

  • Record all Meetings and Votes

PR Making Member Activities

  • Locksport events

Teaching Member Activities

  • Hobbyist lockpicking


Currently: Eric Stein

Official Responsibilities

  • Keeps the internet going, website up, ducks in a row.
  • And since you asked, yes, the entire internet.
  • Monitor http://groups.google.com/group/pumping-station-one-operations and Private/Public mailing lists for reports of issues. Priority on the operations list, since it's where people are asked to report issues.


  • IRC: Toba
  • Email: cto {at} pumpingstationone ---a-dot-here--- org


Currently: Dan Meyer

Official Responsibilities

  • Connection/Representation for the General Membership
  • Run Individual Projects like Sponsorship Videos
  • GGHC Biosensor Array
  • Sometimes also: voice of reason

Director-at-Large 2

Currently: Steve Finkleman

Official Responsibilities

  • Hackerspace canary. (kidding)

PR Making Member Activities

  • Provide benchmarking feedback from his other space visits

Member Activities

  • Design Expertise
  • Sometimes also: the voice of "make no little plans"

PR Director

Currently: Adam Dzak

Official Responsibilities

  • New Member Growth
  • Bringing new and current members together
  • Community outreach and representation
  • Advertising
  • General spokesperson for PS1

Something I've done

  • I built a fully functional, replica of (dj) Sasha's mixer the Maven.