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Last Edited: 11/4/2016

Minutes from board meetings are made available on the Board Meetings category page.

Board procedures are documented in the Board Procedures category.

Contacting the Board

Members can contact the board in person at the twice monthly Tuesday meeting (Currently first and third Tuesday of the month - check the calendar for up to date information). You can send email to info at to open a ticket in the RT system for the board to handle. The RT system is not for private information. For private information, email a member of the board or talk to us at the meeting.


Currently: Justin Conroy

Official Responsibilities

  • Run everything. (kidding)
  • Conduct meetings
  • Guide Policy
  • Help with Long-Range Goals

Money Making Member Activities

  • Solicit Donations

Member Activities

  • Act as Spokesperson
  • Correspond with other Organizations/Individuals.
  • Delegating.


president {at}

  • (708) four six nine - 9246

Vice President

Currently: Jennie P

Official Responsibilities

  • Help with the President's duties
  • Presidential Stand-In when necessary


  • vicePresident {at} pumpingstationone , org


Currently: Brian Chojnowski

Official Responsibilities

  • Financial Accounting
  • Tax Filings
  • Insurance
  • Manage the Official Member Roster
  • Eye on our Bottom Line/Savings/Financial Health

>> Treasurer Procedures


  • Email: treasurer {at}
  • 630 -dash- 484 -dash- 6422


Currently: Simon Pyle

Official Responsibilities

  • Record all Meetings and Votes


secretary {at}


Currently: Doorman Dave

Official Responsibilities

  • Keeps the internet going, website up, ducks in a row.
  • And since you asked, yes, the entire internet.
  • Monitor RT reports of issues, since it's where people are asked to report issues.


  • Email: cto {at}


Currently: Michael Skilton


  • mskilton {at}

Director-at-Large 2

Currently: Lyn Cole


  • lyn {at}

PR Director

Currently: Ray Doeksen

Contact: press {at}