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The TidySpace policy is designed to make the “space” in “hackerspace” easier for everyone to use. It introduces a visual system of marking and tagging to indicate when something is out of place, and gives people tools to help keep things orderly. It relies on participation from every member, but is administered by area hosts and officers. It is, of course, to be executed alongside the Pumping Station: One Membership Agreement and the overarching rule: “be excellent to each other.”


The policy was compiled by Colin from modified versions of policies used by i3 Detroit and TC Maker. It was first unofficially proposed to the PS:One board and membership in January 2013. At that point it underwent a series of contributions, tweaks, forks, and underground adoptions. Eventually it was brought to an official membership vote in June 2013. You can find the original vote page here.

Elements of TidySpace

Refer to the individual articles for all the details.

Project Parking

Project Parking policies are for projects that can't go into personal storage space, either because they're too big or too difficult to put away. Area hosts may issue parking permits and parking tickets at their discretion.


Limbo is a scrapyard for things that might be useful to someone. Be sure to abide by the rules of Limbo.

Lost and Found

PS:One has a Lost and Found for personal items like coats, multitools, cell phones, etc.

Wut Zones

If you're not sure where something belongs, put it in the nearest Wut Zone


Worktables are designated by area hosts and should always be kept clear when not in use.


Walkways are designated by area hosts and must always be kept free of obstructions.

Area Hosts

Each area in the space has an Area Host. The TidySpace policies rely heavily on area host intervention, so it also allows them to recruit helpers as necessary.