Tier 1 Cold Metals Authorization

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The Central Machinery Metal Bandsaw, DoAll Drill Press, Bench Grinder (6in), Belt Sander, et cetera are under a Tier 1 certification process. The Johnson Bandsaw should also fall under Tier 1 once it is operational. Monitor the mailing list for class announcements.

In the cold metals area we have grouped together authorizations on the non-precision cutting tools into a single authorization called "Tier 1". Those tools are the drill press, horizontal bandsaw, bench grinder, and combination belt/disk sander. The session covers basic operation and safety on the machines. Tier 1 is a required for authorization on the Clausing metal lathe or Bridgeport milling machine (Tier 2). Sessions meet on an irregular but hopefully frequent basis. Each session runs about two hours and can accommodate from one to three people.

Cold Metals Tier 1 Certifiers

Tier 1 certification can currently be done by the following people:

Tier 1 Certifiers
Ed Bennet
Anna Yu
Tucker Tomlinson

And hopefully you. We want as many people available to do Tier 1 certification as we can get. The idea is to promote safety, and get people used to the sounds that a machine tool cutting well makes. Ed has a script that he's working on, and will make available. If you're confident you know how to use the tier 1 tools well, the test is to teach the certification to one of the people who already is a Tier 1 Certifier.

People who are Tier 1 Certified for Cold Metals Area

Qualified Member Trained By
Adam Glick Ed Bennett
Jeffrey Camealy Ed Bennett
Tina Croniser Ed Bennett
Sevin Straus Ed Bennett
Vladamir Riazanski Ed Bennett
James Porter Ed Bennett
Greg Teiber Ed Bennett
Everett Wilson Ed Bennett
Derek Bevers Ed Bennett
Jay Hopkins Ed Bennett
James Porter Ed Bennett
Eric Stein Tucker Tomlnson
Todd Allen Ed Bennett
Mac MacDevitt Ed Bennett
Simon Cygielski Ed Bennett
Robb Rigs Ed Bennett
Arturo Duarte Ed Bennett
Michael Skilton Tucker Tomlinson
Justin T. Conroy Ed Bennett
David Fell Ed Bennett