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Aug 15 2019 - Wiki fixi day.

SMW sucks!!!

remove SMW, install Cargo. or make a new box with no SMW but yes Cargo

We should stop using Categories and start using disambiguation and redirects.

106 Category pages each needs to be looked at to see if there is content that needs to be moved to main name space overview page.

of them need to be broken 

we have 1382 pages with content.

600 pages are member meeting notes. 400 board meetings 360 pages that have a tools info box, so we can assume those are most of the tools.

leaving 30-100 pages of users and special interest group pages.

There are also 1200+images, like red ticket items. And 4000 redirects to meeting notes. there are 4 ways to get to the same page, times 1000.

Bring up a new MW instance.

import all the pages, start with everything in the archive namespace, this will break all the links between pages, but that's ok.

We will move

all the pages that meet some patterns, like "meeting*"  or stuff with inforbox tool.

mass import the pages we want.

To figure out what we want:

Each area needs a curator to grind though the process of searching and tagging pages "move me"