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To submit a vote fill out the following template with pertinent information and follow voting rules as listed in [[Bylaws#Votes_of_the_Membership]]
== Sponsors ==
== Sponsors ==

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  • hef




  • Adopt the following policies:
    • A project created by a person belongs to the person, not Pumping Station: One, NFP.
    • Pumping Station: One, NFP may not take ownership of a project, property, or service without explicit consent from the owner.
    • A person is free to remove his or her project, property, or service from PS:One at any time for any reason.
    • A person decide of his or her own volition that who he or she does and does not trust to use his or her property, project, or service, and to what extent they will allow other's to use the project, property, or service.
    • The state of a project, property, or service must not be misrepresented to anyone, including the owner.
    • In the case of a dispute of access or usage to an owned project, property, or service, A person cannot lose ownership of their project, property, or service, but may be asked to remove the project, property or service.
    • Intentional destruction, tampering, or theft of a person's property, project, or service are not acceptable in any situation, including dispute resolution.
    • If the organization has mistakenly acted as the owner of a project, property, or service, It must take all necessary corrective actions to restore rightful ownership of the project, property, or service upon discovering or being informed of the mistake.