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Heya. I'm Jen - and I'm going nuts trying to get HOPE X off the ground. (I was warned that this was like sausagemaking, but worse, so no one to blame save me... still, it's one of the best experiences I'll look back upon on the day before no one can find my body.)

Please excuse my insanity until August.

Current auths:

  • Taz3
  • AO-100
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Laser Cutter
  • Level 1 Cold Metals

Current project:

  • Badges by the summer solstice. Going from a Blender model to a 3d print (prefer a CNC model at this point - so many problems molding the 3d print!), then from there to casting metal. Objective is approx 2.5k cupro-zinc based badges, electroplated in copper for furtherance of the bad joke.