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Mari is a young, semi cocky douchebag who can do most things but probably won't because she is severely lazy and has the attention span of a meth head squirrel overcome with severe ADHD. Her inability to sit still for long periods of time coupled with her incapability to pay attention to anyone or anything for more than a couple seconds to a few minutes are her primary downfalls.

Despite this she has a plethora of knowledge involving things that could potentially bring her vasts amount of wealth but may never acquire it due to her lack of interest in money overall. Again, despite she has a wide array of interests.


Computer Science Robots [Theory and practical use] Culinary Arts Environmentalism Bothering most people to the point of discomfort Overcoming a sex and alcohol addiction The desire to be consciously/religiously/spiritually pure but never attaining because of aforementioned addictions Counterculture Not taking life too seriously Being uptight about trivial issues (contradictory, I know) Becoming a master welder