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i intend to try making a simplex addiator

construction notes

  • materials
    • laser cut parts of of acrylic, wood?
      • does two-tone acrylic come in sheets thin enough to make it useful for the numerals / colors?
    • make out of sheet metal?
      • slides could be milled out of sheet stock - probably easier than trying to stamp them
        • could do them all at once
      • case might prove problematical
  • details
    • engrave / stamp features & paint to color them in?
    • turn a stylus, or just use pencil?
    • make the zeroing slide push-operated and at the bottom of the device?
      • might make it prone to accidental zeroing, or to stressing the sliders when pocketed


repositories of information useful to the project


websites with addiator info


non-web resources


patent filings covering addiators; useful because of the depictions of addiator internals


non-patent resources