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Help! I was asked to leave the space!

Chances are you here because a member of our community asked you to leave the space and directed you to this page.

Why was I asked to leave the space?

You were most likely asked to leave because a member of the community felt you were being unexcellent towards the space or others in the space. Please take a look at the Python Office Hours/Code of Conduct for examples of unexcellent behavior.

I don't think I should have been asked to leave, what can I do now?

  1. Contact The Board and cc Sheila or post to Sheila's private-help mailing list to ask for help. Only board members will be able to read the private-help mailing list.

We want to welcome as many people as we can into the space, but that only works if everyone is reasonable and open to communication.

An example email:

From: A Hacker <>

To: board member Subject: I was asked to leave the space

Hi, I think I was wrongly asked to leave the space. Could someone contact me?