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  • Mailing List Announcement: Template:Highlight
  • Officially Proposed: TBD
  • To be Voted on: TBD


Previously the woodshop has had hobbyist-level small sanding equipment; those belt sanders have frequently been destroyed quickly and are not robust enough to take the wide variety of materials and the varying level of care taken with the tools. Additionally, smaller sander models are not equipped with adequate dust collection and even with the new dust collector system, a substantial amount of dust is still created in the space by these sanders without large dust ports.

In order to accommodate an increasing membership (with the woodshop being the most highly used area of the space), we are proposing purchasing a floor-standing edge sander to stand up to shop use. These sanders have a large 6" belt and are powered by a 220V supply, allowing for better resistance to members pushing too hard on the belt, or sanding large objects. Additionally these models are equipped with a well-built 4" dust port, allowing for hookup to the central dust collector system and substantially reducing airborne dust.

These models also have a 2 1/8" curved end for curve and detail work.


We are proposing the purchase of Template:Highlight.


Authorize the Board of Directors (or a designee on behalf of the Board of Directors) to spend up to $1800 on acquiring a new edge sander and associated belts.

This authorization shall expire at midnight on June 30, 2020.

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