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This page is for hackerspace and usergroups kinds of things!

Hey, I want a video of this thing!

Great, because CarlKarsten likes making great videos and there is probably something you like doing. I will trade: I do something for you, you do something for me. We both do stuff we like. Win win. Or you can pay me professional rates, I like money too.

Stuff you need to do

Have the presenter email me the title and description of the video. This tells me they are OK being videoed, and gives me the title, name, and their contact info. If for some reason you can't make that happen, then you email that to me before the talk starts. Sooner is better, so don't be a jerk and put it of till the last minute if you can send it sooner.

Tell me what time you think they will start talking, and for how long. I don't care if you are wrong, but I do need a time and duration to put in my database, and you should have some clue. It helps work out the order people are talking in, who is first, next, etc. This can also be wrong, but it is better to get it right.

  • Presenter to email me
    • Title
    • Description
    • Name presenter uses for talks
    • email of someone to review the results (not you and not the presenter, ideally someone who is not at the event.)
  • Someone to provide
    • Date of talk
    • Time of talk (estimate)
    • Duration of talk (estimate)
    • A trade idea, or money, or ask for a favor.


If your company would like their logo on the opening of the video, drop me a line. If you need me to give a price, $300 is nice. I'll be happy to take more or less, but think of this: Would you fix someone's Windows box for $20? Maybe.

If your company needs some ROI numbers, many of my videos get over 10,000 views, some have hit 500,000. My Youtube channel has 43,000 subscribers, I tweet the URL of the video once it is up, I @tag the presenter so they can re-tweet it to their followers. This puts the video in front of people who care about the subject.

Trade examples

I just started this trade thing, I'll list examples here to give you an idea of what I am talking about:

I recorded the April 2016 300 Seconds of Fame at in exchange for being able to test out new video production

  1. The State of the Hackerspace (Justin)
  2. Demonstration of loom bands and crochet (Lyn)
  3. Basics of 3D scanning (Andrew)
  4. I Want to Melt Glass (Shelly)
  5. Banana and Get me off Your Banana List (Ron) Editor's choice!
  6. Videos I found on Everett's Computer (Justin)
  7. Ramblings of a Nervous Person (Peter)

Where are the videos that have been made? It depends. Talk to me about it.

Be Excellent to Each Other

Follow the PS1 ideal of being excellent to each other

Things nobody likes:

Being asked at the last minute to scramble for something you knew about for days or weeks. Scrambling is fine and I will pull off some amazing last minute stuff, but there better be a good reason other than "I was lazy and didn't get around to asking till just now."

Unbalanced expectations. Don't be annoyed if things don't go smoothly unless you are paying for things to go smoothly. I take pride in my work and all, and will do my best to deliver top notch professional grade service, but hitting a home run every single time when there is no budget for safety nets is hard.

Where are the videos that have been made?

Scattered about the internet :(

Some times the event hosts will create a page here and add a link.

We had an index at but the VM got deleted and no has reconstructed it. It is a bit of work. Welcome to PS1.