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=== Machine Shop Authorizers ===
=== Machine Shop Authorizers ===
* Contact: Michael Patton
* Contact: Chris Ruhland
** email: Patton.Michael13 at gmail.com
** email: ruhlandc at gmail.com
* Contact: '''OPEN! Contact president@pumpingstationone.org to apply!'''
* Contact: Sam Olendorf
** email:
** email: solendorf at gmail.com
* Open
=== Wood Shop Authorizer ===
=== Wood Shop Authorizer ===

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The Board of Directors has designated the following official Volunteer Positions. See Area Hosts and Volunteer Positions Policy for more information. See also Area Hosts for a list of Area Hosts.


Main article: Volunteer Authorizer

Getting authorized on tools can be tough. Sometimes it's hard for new members to figure out how to get authorized, sometimes classes fill up in hours, sometimes classes aren't scheduled regularly. We want to fix that. The Board has created the following Volunteer Positions. We need a few members to step up and offer their time to get people authorized.


Each Authorizer will be required to hold regularly scheduled office hours (the Board is recommending two, two hour sessions each month as a good starting place) to offer authorizations, assistance with tools, or anything else in their assigned areas.


Authorizers will receive either a free Starving Hacker membership or $40/month off of a full membership.

CNC Authorizer

  • Contact: Matt Meshalum
    • email: matt.meshulam at gmail dot com
  • Contact: Rob Dumas

Hot Metals Authorizer

  • Daron Wooding
  • Contact: OPEN! Contact president@pumpingstationone.org to apply!
    • email:

Machine Shop Authorizers

  • Contact: Chris Ruhland
    • email: ruhlandc at gmail.com
  • Contact: Sam Olendorf
    • email: solendorf at gmail.com
  • Open

Wood Shop Authorizer

  • Contact: Andy Larkin
    • email:andylarkin100 at gmail.com
  • Contact:Ken Burkhardt
    • email:kburkh1@gmail.com