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Previous Votes

All previous votes can be viewed here -


Pumping Station: One is a member-run organization, driven by membership vote. Currently there are two tiers of membership: Full Members and Starving Hackers. This is somewhat of a legacy of other hackerspaces and an attempt by PS1 to follow certain Hackerspace Design Patterns and to accommdate those without the financial means to pay the Full rate.

Voting is a process established in the Bylaws and promulgated by the Board of Directors. As of January 22, 2019, all members may write a proposal for a vote, and so long as it is possible to vote it "up or down" ... it must be phrased so that a voter can vote for, against or abstain; it cannot be essay format or multiple choice or anything other than yes or no, it may be considered for voting by the Full Member membership.

The vote language is, by custom, circulated well before the vote for community review, generally by posting on the PS1 wiki, and for commentary, support, dissent, editing and for other sponsors to attach themselves to the vote.

Once the vote language has been refined and either a consensus has been achieved (de facto) or the sponsors decide simply that they wish to freeze the vote language and put the matter before the Membership, the language is locked and the vote is displayed on the PS1 wiki for review. After some time has passed, but at least 5 or 7 days (please help me clarify the specifics) the vote date is announced, by the Secretary, and an email is sent to each member. The email can serve as a proxy vote by filling it out according to the instructions in it, and returning it to the email address it was sent from.

An official Member Meeting must be announced for a vote. At the Member Meeting, the Secretary takes attendance, and the vote is conducted. The Secretary, after counting the votes and adding the Members who have voted by proxy, announces if quorum has been men, and if it has, the outcome of the vote. The results are binding on the organization and the Board of Directors is obligated to carry out whatever elements of the vote require their action, including but not limited to writing checks or making other payments.