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== Sponsors ==
== Sponsors ==
This vote requires sponsorship from a full member.
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* [[User:cvrtw | Alex]]

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This vote requires sponsorship from a full member.

Starving Hacker Contributors:

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  • Mailing List Announcement: 5/4/2015
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Injection molding is a great way to make 100 plastic parts in less than 300 hours. Molds can be made out of epoxy resin using 3d printed objects. The molds themselves may even be 3d printable, no one has tried it yet! Aluminium molds can be made on the shopbot and better molds can be made on a milling machine.

Injection molding is great for making parts which need more durability than a 3d printed part. Parts can be created faster than 3d printing. A benchtop injection molder is a good middle point between making a 3d printed prototype and shelling out big $$$ for a full production run. It's less of an alternative to 3d printing, and more of a complement.

Benchtop injection molders can be manual, using a lever to inject the plastic; all the way to fully automatic. A fully automatic benchtop costs about $20,000 new. A semiautomatic costs $3500 new. Manual and used come a little cheaper but deals are rare and equipment not under warranty.

The injection molders considered will consume about as much floor or counter space as a medium-sized drill press. The space needs a small footprint benchtop injection molder.

The machine may require an 120V outlet and might require a shop air connection.

There are currently 2 candidates:

1. http://www.mediummachinery.com/index.html - This machine is a beast! It will cost $2979 after shipping but have not yet heard back on warranty information.

2. Galomb Inc. Model B http://www.injectionmolder.net/ - $4090 including electronic controller and shipping to 60618. 1 year limited warranty, http://injectionmolder.net/warranty.htm Lead time approx. 2 weeks.

Here is a video of someone operating a semiautomatic machine. https://youtu.be/kXmC75w3qTg


Authorize the BoD to spend up to $4250 on acquiring a benchtop injection molding machine.

This authorization shall expire 120 days after the vote.