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This page serves as part of a record of official votes by the members of Pumping Station: One.

Vote to purchase hand woodworking tools & fixtures

Anthony Claypool


  • Mailing List Announcement: 2017/03/30
  • Officially Proposed: 2017/03/30
  • To be Voted on: TBD
  • Vote passed on:


PS1 Woodshop authorizor Andy Larkin and other members have organized a club called the Zen woodworking Club. It is now in its 6th week of operation. In that time, over 30 members have attended its weekly meetings and weekend workshop. In a nutshell, it serves to explore and educate on the art (and fun) of hand woodworking. This includes hand tools and techniques instruction, as well as furniture design and form explorations. Lastly, it is a way for PS1 woodworkers to network, trade information, make bulk materials purchases, relax and make some beautiful things together.

The club embodies the culture of community, learning & hacking nurtured by PS1 and could be a real draw for members (we already had one full member join as a result of attending the club). The format of each meeting is typically built around a core technique (such as woodbending, carving or joinery). The projects are often small and fast to complete. It is a club for those with no experience, hoping interact with tools for the first time, as well as professional woodworkers hoping to get away from machines and screens, and back to working with their hands. In short, the Zen Woodworking Club has a broad appeal. So far the club has survived on donated tools & materials. The club collects no dues, and invites drop-in instructors, like this fantastic Shaker Box [building session:]. To sustain our club, we're requesting a nominal amount of funding and a few other privileges. Our club requests $500 for the following materials:

  • Lumber to build/modify sturdy benches
  • Squares & T-Bevels
  • Small specialty Clamps
  • Shoulder vices for benches

Of note, the benches we build or reinforce would be for everyone's use, not just the clubs. Many members would benefit from sturdy work surfaces and vices while teaching clinics. Small Metals has also voiced an interest in having sturdy benches and we would build & modify to accommodate their needs as well. Finally, we are also asking for storage space and the shelves adjacent to the general area, as well as separate authorization being required to use the delicate specialty tools we purchase. We feel like this will legitimize our group, help us start small and grow sustainably.


We authorize the board to spend up to $500 for authorization-required specialty tools and materials to strengthen workbenches & the club to use the storage shelf adjacent to the general workshop area.