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== History ==
== History ==
* Mailing List Announcement: 4/5/2020
* Officially Proposed:  
* Officially Proposed:  
* Mailing List Announcement:
* To Be Voted On:
* To Be Voted On:

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  • The Carls
  • Matt Keith


  • Mailing List Announcement: 4/5/2020
  • Officially Proposed:
  • To Be Voted On:


Vote to purchase filament for the production of face shields for medical professionals up to $1000 dollars. These funds shall cover filament only. Funds previously spent from the 3D printing budget on filament will be reapplied such that it comes from this fund rather than being unbudgeted 3D printing expenses.


Greater Chicago area hospitals are experiencing face shield shortages and are asking that individuals and businesses with 3D printing capabilities print masks for them. A small contained effort to produce face shields has emerged since the shutdown, with a very small number of volunteers tending 3D printers as they print face shields. Currently the masks that we have 3D printed have gone to Swedish Covenant, Mount Sanai, St Benard and more. We have printed and donated 750 to date. There are other hospitals and first responders that are still in need of face shields.

All other expenses related to production and printer upkeep is to come out of the 3D printer budget, as approved by the area host.