Vote to Buy a TIG Welder

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Ron Olson


  • First Draft of Proposal: 7/6/2015
  • Mailing List Announcement: TBD
  • Officially Proposed: TBD
  • To be Voted on: TBD


PS1, as an organization, owns only a single MIG welder, the Lincoln Electric 3200HD; all other machines are owned by members and subject to going away at any time. The 3200HD is a good machine that is appropriate for steel, but inadequate for more 'delicate' materials, like aluminum.

Why Should We Get This?

Having a PS1-owned TIG machine gives all members more opportunities to make cool stuff without running into the limitations of what the MIG welder can do.

Have a Particular Machine in Mind?

Yes, the Miller Syncrowave 210 (Syncrowave 210 page on Miller's site). Why this machine? In my research, involving multiple conversations with Miller reps (at Wisco's event of 6/9 and 6/10) and lots of research online, I think this particular machine covers the most bases for what members at PS1 would want: a capable machine with a simple interface that still provides a lot of tweaks for those folks who would want it. For a review of this particular machine, see this review. Accessories, in addition to the base package, would also include:

  • AC Frequency Expansion Card (Provides the ability to adjust AC frequency from 60 to 150 Hz.)


We authorize the board to spend up to $4000 to acquire a TIG welder and all necessary accessories.