Vote to Donate 5 2-month PS:One Memberships to SSH:C's Indiegogo Campaign

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  • Adam Dzak (PR Director, Pumping Station: One)
  • Michael Skilton


  • 2014-03-26 Official Announcement
  • 2014-03-28 Amended
  • 2014-04-01 Announced
  • 2014-04-08 Vote passes


Part 1

In the March 25 board meeting, the board voted to donate 20 member points to the SSH:C's Indiegogo campaign. Skilton pointed out that this might not be technically allowed. So the vote is being reissued, slightly modified, as a member vote.

Part 2

The South Side Hackerspace: Chicago is a fledgling hacker space that doesn't currently enjoy the resource the PS:One now has at its disposal. In order to further hacker movement across the Chicago area, we would like to offer SSH:C Discounted PS:One memberships to offer up on their Indiegogo campaign as rewards for donating to their cause. As it has been proposed to SSH by Adam Dzak, these rewards are meant to be of a "shared membership" type allowing those who claim the reward the ability to move between both spaces for the duration of the reward.

We are not stipulating how much these memberships should go for, nor if they should be grouped or not.

PS1 Costs

The original board vote was for 20 member points. 2 points are needed for a month of starving hacker membership (fractional points are not allowed)
This proposal is for 10 months of starving hacker membership at $40 = $400
If this vote passes I (Michael Skilton) will be donating to PS1, 2 member reward points I have been granted as well as $20 = $80

So the maximum net cost to PS1 would be $320 in lost revenue if all 5 Indiegogo rewards are awarded to existing starving hacker members.

This cost could be offset to some degree if we end up acquiring new members through this process.


Authorize SSH:C to use 5 2-month Starving Hacker memberships as rewards for the Indiegogo campaign listed here:
SSH:C must indicate our minimum age requirement on their Indiegogo offer.
These Indiegogo rewards have no cash value.
These memberships are governed by the same conditions as purchased memberships.