Vote to Purchase a Pneumatic Power Hammer

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  • Sean Blum


  • Draft of Proposal: 9/4/2019
  • Announced: 9/9/2019
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The forging area has reached a point where we could start looking to expand into equipment that is hard to get in a home shop. We also have the slot forge and a larger version of the three burner forge in the pipeline. These tools allow for large pieces to be worked on, but hand hammers can only get so far to where it becomes very inefficient.

The Machine I have chosen to pursue is the MZ75 Power Hammer from Ken's Custom Iron. This is not a self contained unit meaning it will run off the air lines running through Hot Metals. This unit was chosen because it had one of the lowest air requirements for a non contained unit. The dies will be able to customize the easiest as they are bolted on disks which the blanks can be purchased for $25 each and the tooling attached how we see fit or need. I decided on a non contained unit to reduce the noise out put it would make during operation. This machine also has a small foot print of 24"x24"x81" as space in the shop is a concern. The MZ75 is one of the cheaper units, but still very durable and easy to maintain. Here is a link to the hammer:

The area for where it would live is where the Air canister storage currently is which will be moved to under the storage racks next to the band saw as they occupy a similar amount of space so will require little moving of other equipment. Alternatively the Air rack is moved the hammer rack is put there and the hammer gets put where the hammer rack used to be. Both locations are in close proximity to a Tee connector for the air line so adding a drop for it will be easier and having it in close proximity to the forge is necessary. The machine will also require anchoring and padding to prevent traveling vibration and walking while in use. To accomplish this the machine comes with a pallet to use as a dampener a platform of 4x4 lumber with a rubber machine pad would be a preferable replacement for longevity of the floor and machine.

Estimated Cost MZ75 Hammer: $5695 Shipping: $378.97 Pallet Fee: $150 Tax: $444 Infrastructure: $232 Just Be Safe: $100


  • We authorize the board or a representative of the board to spend $7000 to purchase a MZ75 Pneumatic Power Hammer and the supplies needed for installation.

Vote Results

Online and Live voting totals 10/8/19=

48 for

24 against

14 abstain