Vote to Remove & Replace The Vacuum Former

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Vote to Sell & Replace The Belovac Vacuum Forming Machine

Sean Blum


Ashish Jasani

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Definition of "Language"

"The wording of a legal document." [1]


Proposal Date

Date this proposal was posted to the membership and a request for a vote date was sent to the Board.


Member Input

Does the Sponsor choose to open the language of the vote for changes due to member input?


Vote Announcement and Beginning Date of the Discussion Period

The announcement date of the vote proposal is the beginning date of the seven-day (minimum) posting and Member discussion period. (Certain exceptional vote types have longer discussion periods. Check the Bylaws if you are unsure.) If the Sponsor has chosen to include member input, suggested edits can be made in a shared document or other collaborative vehicle until the language is locked. The sponsor can stop taking suggestions at any time.


Language Lock Date and Start of Voting

Five days prior to the Day of the Vote, the vote language is locked, all edits are frozen, and the language of the vote is converted to a pdf file. Ballots that include the pdf are sent to the Membership, and electronic voting begins. Note that the minimum discussion period of seven days leaves only two days for changes before the lock takes place.


Day of the Vote

Date the Board has assigned for the vote. The Day of the Vote is the day the vote closes.



Currently PS1 is maxed out on space and there is a need to make the Hot Metals Area more open and accessible for general usage and eventually classes and other events. Currently the Vacuum Former is a very large tool that is under utilized in the space so is the best candidate for removal to free up space for better usage. The tool is still useful and members still have a need for a similar tool so one has been selected as a possible replacement that will still be useful to the membership and free up a large amount of space in Hot Metals.

One of the current possibilities of using the newly free space is to add another welding table and move one of the welders to that area. This would allow for the operation of all 3 welders at the same time. This would also have the benefit of having two welding tables with an open central area in the middle to facilitate potential instruction from. The welding table would also be on casters like the others to allow to shift to meet the needs of the area or the user. Along with the table would include a material storage rack to free up space in temp storage for projects not just materials. This would also free up the cnc maintenance walkway from being filled with member materials and better facilitate member needs of material storage in the area.

The Belovac Vacuum Forming Machine, situated in Hot Metals, is an under-utilized machine that is beyond the scope and size of the member's requirements. This vote acts to replace the current unit and replace it with a smaller unit that is simpler to operate and utilizes considerably less space and power. The freed-up space can be reorganized to facilitate further work surfaces and workspaces, e.g. welding expansion, or however, the Area Host may see fit.


The Area Host or a member designated by the Area Host sells the Belovac Vacuum Forming Machine and use to proceed to purchase a Centroform EZFORM LV 1827 Vacuum Forming Machine.

Language of the Vote

This vote authorizes the Hot Metals Area Host, the BoD, or a representative of the BoD to sell the Belovac Vacuum Forming Machine for no less than $3000 to provide funds for the purchase of a replacement unit. The proposed replacement unit is the EZFORM ® LV 1827 VACUUM FORMING MACHINE from Centroform at the price of $2095. The unit requires a vacuum pump and one of the suggested units is the Robinair 15500 VacuMaster 5CFM Pump which costs $267 from Grainger. The remaining $638 from the sale will be used to cover shipping costs, taxes, and fittings for the new unit. The Vacuum Former will still be in service until it is sold for the minimum amount to minimize the time PS1 would have no Vacuum Former.

This vote authorizes the Hot Metals Area Host, the BoD, or a representative of the BoD to sell the Belovac Vacuum Forming Machine for no less than $3000 via private party and/or auction (inclusive any platform fees). The proceeds are used to purchase a Centroform EZFORM LV 1827 Vacuum Forming Machine for ($2095 + $130.94 tax + $95 shipping) $2321 and a Robinair 15500 VacuMaster 5CFM Pump (or similarly spec'ed vacuum pump) for ~$200. The remaining $479 will be spent on fittings, a suitable table (if not available), 220V power hook-up (if not available), and supply materials to test the new unit.

The responsible party is required to create and populate an asset tag, a corresponding wiki page, and an authorization plan with the Area Host.