Vote to buy a powdercoating system 2.0

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  • Ron Olson


  • Mailing List Announcement: 7/23/2018
  • Officially Proposed: 7/31/2018
  • To be Voted on: 9/25/2018


Power coating is the way to paint metal like bicycle frames, art pieces, etc. to produce beautiful results, a smooth surface with unlimited color and pattern varieties. Check out any bicycle frame that isn't carbon fiber and it's probably powder-coated. A background of powder coating can be found on Wikipedia here.

Soooo, what does this look like?

We have some examples in the Hot Metal Shop of things that were powder coated:
Black-ps1-logo.jpg Hot-n-tormach.jpg Star-n-eagle.jpg
These pieces should be there somewhere, come on by and check them out!

Wait, hold up, haven't we already done this?

Yes, back in 2017. The result is an unfinished project that, if it were to be completed, is far too big for members to use reasonably. You can see the state of the unfinished oven in the dock, behind the parts of the soon-to-be assembled paint booth.The existing powder coating oven has been disassembled and removed from the space.

So what's the 2.0 idea?

To purchase a smaller unit that is already assembled. It would live in the dock closer to the shop (the paint booth taking the corner the current oven is in) and be part of authorization to use the power coating gun (already purchased, not part of this vote).

Where's this thing gonna live?

The plan is to have it live in the dock, on the north side, near where the air line is (i.e. not where the original one was). Casters will be added so that it can be wheeled around to get out of the way when necessary.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 31"W x 33"D x 48"H
  • Interior Dimensions: 28"W x 30"D x 45"H


We authorize the Board of Directors to spend up to $2500 on a powder coating oven and its installation.