Vote to make PS1 cool again

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Andrew Camardella

Jennie Plasterer


  • Mailing List Announcement: 2020-7-18
  • Officially Proposed: 2020-
  • To be Voted on: 2020-


It's hot in the building when the air conditioning is not fixed. Andrew is a baby that can't handle the heat at PS1. Other people agree that it is hot in here and hard to care about wearing masks in the space. Fans make the air move and cools people down. Bonus: Air movement has been shown to reduce the likelihood of contracting Covid - Double Bonus: Fire vortex when we dont need them -


There will be so many fans and they are so cheap that if the break you can throw them away.


Authorize the BoD to:

  • Spend $600 and purchase 20 box fans to be dispersed in the space.