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Each hosted area has a Wut Zone, a marked space designated for items in need of a home. If you encounter an item out of place and you're not sure where it should go, put it in the nearest Wut Zone! The area hosts will sort through them as often as they’re able, but other members can also help.

What to put in a Wut Zone

  • Things that probably belong somewhere nearby (have a look around first)
  • Things that aren’t obviously useful, but aren’t obviously trash
  • Things that bear no indication of where they belong

What happens to things in Wut Zones

Things found in Wut Zones will be sorted by anyone. If you encounter a populated Wut Zone, do this:

  • Put the item where it belongs (if you definitely know where it goes)
  • Designate a new home with a labeled bin, shelf, pegboard outline, or similar (let the area host know, chances are they’ll appreciate it)
  • Take item to lost and found

Only area hosts are allowed to:

  • Issue parking tickets
  • Throw items away
  • Take items to Limbo