Beer 2013.03

From Pumping Station One


  • Style: Weak Barley Wine
  • Codename: Barely Barley Ale
  • Tagline: "If you told me this was a porter I'd believe you."
  • Brewmaster: Eric Stein
  • Type: Partial-grain
  • Expected Initial Gravity: 1.103
  • Measured Final Gravity: 1.016 smaller bucket, 1.015 on the larger bucket
  • ABV: 6.83%
  • Brewed: 2/10/2013
  • Kegged: ?
  • First served: 3/19/2013 on Tap 1
  • Last served: ?/?/2013

Originally based on Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine. Tweaked because we don't have a big enough mash tun to make a 5 gallon batch out of 23 pounds of grain. Yipes.


Barely Barley Ale ABV: ~6.8% Brewmaster: Eric Stein Team: Eric S., Tucker T., Charlie A little nutty and brown, but also reminds of a stout in a way; a little porterish. Not very hoppy.



Grain Bill:

  • 8.6 lbs Organic 2 row pale malt
  • 14.4 oz UK Crystal 60L (Pauls Medium Crystal Malt)
  • 3.3 lb Muntons light malt extract
  • 3.3 lb Muntons amber malt extract
  • 3.3 lb Muntons dark malt extract

Mash Schedule:

  • Type: Single step in insulated mash tun, no heating
  • 17.75 qt water at 161F
  • expect absorbtion of 4.56 qts, so out of mash pre-sparge we expect 15.44 of wort.
  • Target temp: 148F
  • Actual temp: 152F
  • Start pH: Did not measure
  • Time: 90 mins
  • End temp: ?
  • End pH: Did not measure
  • Started: 3:40 PM
  • End: 5:16 PM


  • 14.625 qts sparge water
  • Target temp: 168F
  • We accidentally put 3/4 of a teaspoon of 88% lactic acid solution in the sparge water. Don't ask.


  • Start: ~8.5gals? Not sure.
  • 105 mins. Start with 1.7oz of nugget pellet hops at flame start.
  • after the boil is over, add 2 oz of czech saaz pellets in a bag, while the wort chiller runs. Yes that's wacky.
  • Boil Yield: ~6 gal
  • Boil start: 6:02pm
  • Whirlfloc: 7:24pm
  • Boil done: 7:47pm (target)

While chilling, fill up the 10 gallon brew kettle to the top with more hot water. Chill down to 88F.


  • Starting gravity: 1.071
  • Primary ferment: Plastic tubs: 5 gallons in one, 4 gallons in the other.
  • Pitched Wyeast 1098 (British Ale)
  • Ferment temp set point: 60F
  • Checked with wine thief in larger bucket 3/3/2013: grav 1.019.

Flavor @ Wine Thief

Tucker and Eric tested this out with their mouths. It's a little nutty and brown, but also reminds of a stout in a way; a little porterish. Not very hoppy - our dilution lowered the hops.



  • Kegged into Keg 5 on 3/17 - the 4 gallon bucket. The other bucket remains. Tasted good at keg, but warm & flat so not a true tasting. Kegged by Sacha De'Angeli and Eric Stein. THIS KEG IS GONE.
  • Kegged into Keg 4 on 3/26 - the 5 gallon bucket. Kegged by Tucker Tomlinson, James Longfield, and Eric Stein. Didn't put on force carb until 4/1. Oops.

Tasting Notes